Artistry of Faith: An Invitation

FROM THE BEGINNING, Christianity was known as ‘The Way’ and for good reason.  Jesus, the founder, summoned people to follow him and to share his vocation. Before long, this initial invitation found expression through an increasingly sophisticated set of beliefs which fostered the view that following the Christian Way was principally a matter of assent – of affirming a particular understanding of Jesus, God, humanity and the universe as a whole.

In my experience, many people find these credal accretions render Jesus less not more accessible.  They obscure him from those seeking to encounter Jesus, as much as it is possible, for the first time, unencumbered by centuries of theological embellishment.

These addresses are an invitation to rediscover something of that initial impetus of Jesus through exploring the characteristics of his faith which, as you will see, are almost entirely practical.  Through doing so, I hope you will come to recognise that his Way has lost none of its profundity, authority and relevance.

Ian Wallis, Vicar


  1. Embodying Forgiveness
  2. Inhabiting the Prayer
  3. Embracing Wisdom
  4. Living Hospitably
  5. Loving Creatively
  6. Pursuing Vocation

Alternatively, the whole series is available for download in PDF format: Artistry of Faith

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