Lent Course – Earthing our faith, cherishing God’s creation

This year’s Lent Course takes its lead from the very real concern that this congregation, and the wider church in general, has about how humankind is treating the natural environment, and links in to the Hope for the Future campaign. We will use a variety of sources for our study,

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Practising Hopefulness: a course for Lent

A practical course running throughout Lent, drawing on personal experience and insights from the ministry of Jesus. Suitable for anyone interested in living thinking faith. Groups start the week beginning Sunday 26 February.

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A chalice is passed between two people at the sharing of communion at Night Service

Living Thinking Faith: Introducing the Christian Way

"Living thinking faith" is a course for enquirers, explorers, the intrigued and anyone seeking confirmation, transformation, or invigoration. The course is based around a series of questions that provide an insight to the Christian way of life; questions of existence and life, the relevance of Jesus, the Kingdom of God,

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