St. Mark’s has a lively young adults group including students at both Sheffield Universities, young professionals, and anybody else who is looking for a safe inclusive space. We are a self led group primarily compromised of 18-25 year olds and are committed to LGBTQ+ equality, social justice and exploring our faith journeys together.

We are a part of the wider St Mark’s community and are involved in lots of different aspects of church life. Some young adults attend the 10 am Sunday service, others attend Night Service or Open Communion. Other young adults are also part of different churches or denominations. Some people come every week, others as and when they want to. There is no pressure and whoever you are or wherever you’re at, you’re very welcome.

SCM at St Mark’s – Progressive, student-led faith in action

A Student Christian Movement group (facilitated by the young adults’ core team) meets on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 4pm. Although this group is run by the young adults, it is for anyone who is interested joining in.

From the SCM website:

SCM is a movement of students, past and present, responding to the call of Jesus to follow him and show the love of God on campus, in our communities and in the world.

We come together as an ecumenical and inclusive community, fostering unity in diversity and exploring faith through worship, discussion and action.

For more information or to sign up to receive YA updates, contact Rev’d Cate Thomson (Assistant Curate): 07419213336 / [email protected]