Climate Change And The Future : Finding A Way To Sustainable Consumption

Wednesday 23 November and Wednesday 30 November: holding a burning world in the palm of a hand

Two evenings of discussion with introductory talks by the Rev’d Dr Michael Bayley at St Mark’s Church, Broomhill.

Tea and biscuits from 7.00pm talks start at 7.30pm.

It is all too obvious that concern about tackling climate change has dropped off the political agenda and also, for the most part, out of the mind of the public at large. The aim of these two evenings is not, however to have a gloom session. It is to look for signs of hope without being naïve or unrealistic. There are not just good ideas around, but schemes and projects that show what can and is being done. Some of you will be involved in such projects and there will be the opportunity to let other people know about them on these evenings. This will be the main focus the first evening.

The second evening will look deeper and address such questions as:

  • Why is our society so hooked on ever increasing consumption?
  • What can be done to cure this addiction?
  • What role can faith groups and other groups with a commitment to respecting the planet play in this?

Download the Climate talks flyer here

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