Climate Sunday at St Mark’s – Sunday 6 June, Additional Resources

Climate Sunday Resources

This follows on from our 10am Themed Service for Climate Justice held on 6 June.

Below are a variety of links to information and videos if you would like to explore any of the ideas further. And here is the summary of ways that you might like to get involved in campaigning and working together for change as a community.

Faith in Action…

    • Send a postcard to Boris Johnson:
      • remember to take a photo of your postcard or email your message to [email protected] so that we can share our efforts.
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    • Diocesan Eco Church Festival 12 June
      • Attend and/or pray for the attendees as they meet.
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    • Sustainable picnic on the Green 13 June
      • Join us to continue the conversation about what we can do as individuals and as a community as we prepare for COP26.
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    • Take part in ‘Churches Count on Nature’
      • Collecting data about the bio-diversity of our Green during the Broomhill Festival.
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    • Explore this page for resources and information, such as links to Hope for the Future & Measuring your carbon footprint. Also keep looking for events and activities as they emerge over the next few months such as the YCCN Relay to Glasgow.
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Our Diocese’s response


Link to find out how the Diocese of Sheffield if responding the the climate emergency:


Plea for change made via video from Thomas, age 9.


Thomas made this video in anticipation of the Diocesan Synod in November 2020. This was the event when the Diocese discussed and voted in favour of declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

Further resources to explore


Here is the link to Hope for the Future.

Here is the link to more information about the ‘Churches Count on Nature’ along with this recording sheet that you can use to help document your findings! You are welcome to visit the Green at any time to collect data or please look on our weekly Notices posts for details of when we will be gathering to collect data together. We’d love to see you there.

And here is an online tool that you might like to use, to help you calculate your carbon footprint.

climate sunday heart icon

You can also read more about what the church can do for the environment on the Climate Sunday blog.


Additional video resources you may like to watch:

Earthrise by Amanda Gorman: a beautiful poem of hope and inspiration.


The Case for Stubborn Optimism – Christiana Figueres:

An exploration of mindset and how this can enable us to act to bring about change and hope in the face of the Climate Crisis.

Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot (used in our Climate Service on 6 June):

A video about rewilding and using trees and sustainable resources instead of deforestation and ongoing use of fossil fuels.


USPG Climate Sunday Sermon

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