CRC conference: A ‘Just Economics’ with Ann Pettifor – Sat 16 Nov 2013

CRC conference: Saturday 16th November 2013

Ann Pettifor is an international economist with a formidable reputation. She (and others at the New Economics Foundation) predicted the financial meltdown of 2007 in Real World Economic Outlook – The Legacy of Globalization: Debt and Deflation (2003), a collection of essays she edited, as well as in her own book The Coming First World Debt Crisis (2006). Ann was also co-founder of ‘Jubilee 2000’ – the highly effective campaign in which churches, trade unions and other interested parties worked together to secure $110 bn of debt being written off the balance sheets of 41 of the world’s poorest countries. In relation to the current financial crisis, Ann argues that the austerity measures are not needed, will not work and are undoubtedly unjust. Her approach brings a breath of fresh air and hope to a situation which increasingly looks hopeless – an approach Christians need to hear and weigh carefully.

Fundamentally, Ann is saying that the economy must serve human need rather than human needs being sacrificed to a one-eyed and amoral view of economics. She shows convincingly how we can make the economic system work to serve the needs of our society and our world, including dealing with the pressing challenges of climate change. She does not pull her punches and forces us to recognize that we are currently being fed ideologically-driven economic distortions of reality.

10.00 am — 4.00 pm (9.15 am Coffee and Registration)

Non-members £14, CRC/PCN Members £12, Students/Unwaged £5

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