Creating Uncommon Worship with Canon Richard Giles



You are Invited to

Creating Uncommon Worship


A morning consultation with
Canon Richard Giles


Saturday 27 September, 9.30 am – 12.30 pm,
followed by a Bring & Share lunch (optional)

HAVE YOU EVER wondered why churches look the way they do?

Or why, in the case of St Mark’s, we have pews facing the front, an altar behind a rail, a monolithic, elevated lectern and pulpit, a movable font and the choir housed in stalls similar to those occupied by the clergy?


As part of our worship review, we have invited Richard Giles to help us think through our use of liturgical space – the way the layout of our church relates us to God, one another, the bible, the sacraments and the world.


Richard, former Canon Theologian of Wakefield Cathedral and Dean of Philadelphia Cathedral, USA, is an internationally recognised authority on liturgical worship and the use of liturgical space. His books, Repitching the Tent and Creating Uncommon Worship, are highly acclaimed.


The morning will consist of two seminar-sessions featuring input from Richard followed by discussion, group work and feedback. Findings will be fed into the PCC’s review of worship in the New Year. The sessions will address these two questions:



  • What would need to change for this space to proclaim who we are and what we believe?



The morning will conclude at 12.30 pm, with opportunity for those who wish to stay on for a ‘Bring & Share’ lunch.





  • Why does this church interior look the way it does?






There is no charge for the morning, although donations will be welcomed. Please sign the list at the back of church if you intend to be there.


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