All churches take their inspiration from the life of Jesus and the teaching of his followers, so what makes St Mark’s distinctive?

We try to celebrate the wonderful diversity of human life, believing that Jesus revealed God’s extraordinary love for all people, regardless of any labels which might be used to define us. We value our God-given-gifts which come in different shapes and sizes. We delight in our ability to ask questions of life and of faith and we expect people to come to church with a range of experiences, joys and sorrows, hopes and disappointments. None of us is perfect so we have much to learn from one another.

St Mark’s is affiliated to Inclusive Church and the Progressive Church Network and we are committed to fostering a spirit of openness and generosity.

We are attracted to the big questions we face along the way and believe that we are called to engage with our world and challenge the barriers which seem to separate the sacred from the secular, or which try to define us according to categories such as, gender, sexuality, wealth, race, ability or age. We believe that Jesus came that we might have life in all its fullness (John 10) and we try to reflect this in our liturgies and varied choice of music. We value the shape of Anglican liturgy and weave in contemporary and creative expressions of prayer. We are not afraid of being political but we try not to be partisan.

All churches are engaged in the work of God’s kingdom and here at St Mark’s we long for a new way of being in relationships of trust, here and now, where we explore what it means to understand our true worth and our need of one another. We do whatever we can to join in with God’s work of transformation and hope, especially where people feel excluded, marginalised or misunderstood, in the church as well as in wider society. We’re on a journey, why not come along?