Welcome to the Festival of Light web page!

Hannah has recorded a brief video introduction to what the Festival of Light is all about and how you can get involved!


Keep a watch on this space as videos, photos and instructions appear to help you create decorations ready to bring to the green.

Please start to bring your decorations to be added to the green any time from now!

Twig and Twine decorations!
To make these lovely stars:
  • Use 5 fairly straight twigs and cut them to equal size. About 10-12 inches seems to be a good size for first attempt.
  • Wrap twine or string and tie knot at the end of two twigs. Make sure they are fairly securely bound together but able to change angle as you connect the star points together.
  • Repeat this with another two twigs.
  • Then lay out the twigs to create your star, before binding the fifth twig in and completing the knots at all five points.
  • Once you’ve done that its worth wrapping and tieing twine around the inner points in order to secure the frame – also an opportunity to decorate and add colour. You might like to add some beads or buttons?! I had masking tape on standby but actually didn’t use it in the end – might be helpful if struggling to keep bits still as you tie though.
  • Finally make sure there is a long loop to hang you star

If you’d like to bring it down to the green to add to our decorations that would be lovely. Enjoy!


Orange and Cinammon Swizzles!

Lu has made us a video about making these decorations with oranges and cinnamon sticks – perfect for post Christingle crafting! We wondered about varnishing them so that they last longer but realised that they might be appreciated by the birds if left unvarnished – that way we can enjoy and support our local wildlife at the same time!

For more ideas about decorating and feeding wildlife at the same time, try out this video from Countryfile presenter, Matt Baker!


Doves as a symbol of Peace These are very simple to make!

Use card or the inside of a drinks carton (best for wings) or margarine tub.  Cut out template of bird.  Concertina a card or carton to make the wings and make a horizontal cut i the centre of the bird to slot in wings.  Staple wings together at the top, decorate and add ribbon or string to hang! 

Shimmering Strings

(of milk bottle tops or mince pie cases!)

Here’s how to make them…