Financial Support for St Mark’s

It costs about £4,700 per week to maintain the work of St Mark’s. The vast majority of this comes from donations from individuals; either regular donations and one-off donations.

All contributions, of any size, help to keep the church functioning.

Here are the ways that you can make financial contributions:

Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)

This is our preferred way of making regular donations. It is a central CofE scheme that dramatically reduces the amount of admin that we need to do at St Marks. It also helps significantly with cash flow as gift aid is reclaimed each month rather than just a few times a year. If you are able to make regular donations please consider using this scheme.

PGS operates a telephone service that allows you to call to set up and manage your donations. This can be reached on 0333 002 1271.

A web site has also recently been launched. This can be found here:

Our parish reference is 350635056. You will need this to make sure that your donation reaches St Mark’s.

Questions about existing donations should be addressed to phone – 0333 002 1260, or email [email protected]

Web giving

We now have a page on the Give A Little site that allows card donations to St Marks. The site also deals with Gift Aid if you are able to take advantage of that scheme.

Our page can be found here.

Or using this QR code

Text Giving

You can make donations by text via our Donr account.

You need to send a text to 70085. The text should start with STMARKS, a space and then the amount you wish to donate in whole pounds between £1 and £20 eg “STMARKS 5”

This scheme also allows Gift Aid to be reclaimed. Normal text fees apply.

Chip & Pin / Contactless

We do have a card reader that can be used to make donations by card in person.

Direct to Bank – Contact treasurer

If you want to make a donation directly to the church bank account, either as a one off or on a regular basis please contact the treasurer for details or email the office at [email protected]