Faith and Justice Group

St Mark’s Faith and Justice Group brings together members of St Mark’s congregation and partner churches who see their Christian commitment as embracing social action in the Parish of Broomhill and Broomhall and more widely.

The Group has recently carried out a review of its aim and activities in order to make its work more focused. It has agreed that its aim is: ‘to work for social justice, inspired by the resources of the Christian community’. Its objectives are:

  • To ensure that St  Mark’s is involved in and committed to faith and justice matters;
  • To have an active influence on faith and justice in Sheffield and beyond, and in wider society and within the church;
  • To develop understanding of faith and justice questions.


Methods:  The Group will achieve these aims and objectives  by planning campaigns and other actions, by communicating with the congregation and others, by collaborating with other churches and organisations and by reflection and learning on the links between faith and justice.

Vision statement: St Mark’s Faith and Justice Group:

  • wants Sheffield and the church to be places of justice, fairness and compassion;
  • works for positive change to improve people’s lives;
  • believes in equality and diversity and puts them in practice;
  • acts in enabling and inclusive ways.


Current work. The Group meets about every two months. It has decided to pursue the following themes during 2019:

  • Challenge to the Church of England on gender and sexuality; this work will be carried jointly with St Mark’s Study and Learning Group;
  • Climate change;
  • Poverty and Inequality.

Action around these themes is built on Action Plans for each theme developed by sub-groups.

The Group is also in touch with other Church groups engaged in social action locally, including the Broomhall Breakfast, the soup run and the lunch club.

Enquiries about St Mark’s activities in the field of faith and justice should be directed to the Group Facilitator, Joe Forde, on or to the Group Secretary, Rob Wilks, on