St Mark’s Faith and Justice Group brings together members of St Mark’s congregation and partner churches who see their Christian commitment as embracing social action in the Parish of Broomhill and Broomhall and more widely.

The Group is currently engaged in a review of its aim and activities in order to make its work more focused. It has agreed that its Aim is: ‘to work for social justice, inspired by the resources of the Christian community’. Methods:  The Group will achieve this aim by planning campaigns and other actions, by communicating with the congregation and others, by collaborating with other churches and organisations and by reflection and learning on the links between faith and justice.

This account of the Group will be updated when the review has been completed.




Over the last five years, the Group’s remit has included:

  • Developing ecumenical links with other Churches engaged in social action;
  • Ensuring that social concerns are recognised in worship and the wider life of the Church;
  • Providing theological guidance and support to those involved in social action;
  • Ensuring strategic oversight and prioritisation of the key work streams;
  • Providing resources and training for those involved in social action;
  • Organising presentations and discussion evenings on topics relevant to our congregation and the Faith and Justice remit, including hustings at General Elections.

Up till now, the Group has focused on half a dozen work-streams:

  • Inclusivity: promoting full inclusion for all, at all levels of the Church, celebrating our diverse abilities, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and socio-economic status.
  • Poverty action: working closely with the Sheffield branch of Church Action on Poverty and helping St Mark’s to engage with those in our local communities which are most affected by issues of poverty.
  • Environmental change: St Mark’s is an eco-congregation and the Group works to ensure that the Church continues to prioritise action in support of a clearer and more sustainable environment.
  • Work with older people; working with other churches, especially Churches Together in Broomhill and Broomhall, to improve the lives of older people in the area.
  • Asylum and migration; St Mark’s is committed to welcoming asylum seekers and to   support for City of Sanctuary; the Group works with other organisations in Sheffield to support asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Broomhall: The Group seeks to strengthen its relationships within Broomhall and develop or contribute to initiatives to achieve this.

It is also in touch with other Church groups engaged in social action locally, including the Broomhall Breakfast, the soup run and the lunch club.

Enquiries about St Mark’s activities in the field of faith and justice should be directed to the Group Facilitator, Joe Forde, on or to the Group Secretary, David Price, on