Children and Families’ Noticeboard

Welcome! This page offers ideas and resources to help you to explore faith and spirituality in a variety of ways within your family. It is often being changed and updated so do keep coming back to have a look!

Family Provision in Autumn

Family Breakout Sessions on Zoom 9.30am

For the time being we will be continuing with breakout spaces so that we can join the wider community for the advent candle lighting over next few weeks.

We will aim to finish at 10am so that those wishing to join the main service are able. It would be lovely if you felt able to join, if not for the whole service then for the first few minutes (as we used to), particularly during advent when we will be lighting the candles. We do understand that zoom is not easy though so please do whatever feels best for you.

Coming Up:
29th Nov – Families’ Agape Service. A chance for second breakfast(!) and thinking together on the theme of Peace. 

6th Dec – Informal catch up as we create decorations for the green followed by lighting the Advent Candle at 10am. Online Christingle Service @3.30pm

13 Dec – Breakout room available for informal chat and creating decorations. Online Themed Service @10am.

If you would like guidance on how/what decorations to make and what resources you might need check out this page which will rapidly develop from now on.

The video below is a song that I hope we will revisit in the near future! (Scroll down this page for additional signing videos which we regularly use in themed services.)

Would you like to be involved in our Children and Families’ Choir recording of the Peruvian Gloria?! Simply listen to the track below, while recording yourselves singing along (and drumming) on a separate device and send it to me: It is up to you whether you record the whole thing, or sing the call or response lines! We have our first recording now but I’m very happy to add to it at any time!

Gather on the Green at 10am

Sadly we have had to suspend these gatherings for now but as soon as it is safe and we are permitted to do so we will begin again. In the meantime we will be finding other ways to be church together. Watch this space for more updates.

Prayerful Afternoon Adventures

Having reviewed the activity over the last few months we are embracing the wonder of shortening days. Instead of Picnic and Prayers at Noon, we will now be offering Prayerful Afternoon Adventures on the first Sunday of each month. Timings differ each month to allow for the sunset!

We sincerely hope that these will be able to go ahead on the green – if not we will have an online alternative open to anyone who wishes to join us.

3.30pm, 24 Dec – Crib Service
It is essential that we know in advance who would like to come to these events as they are likely to include sparklers / candles etc, and we need to anticipate how best to prepare the space and resources.

Private Prayer in the Building

Along with gathering on Sundays, you might like to take time out to reconnect within your family and to continue enjoying moments of slowness / mindfulness that have been so important over the last few months. You are welcome to visit the green at any time, where there are creative prayer stations to explore.

Equally, the church remains open for private prayer and you are welcome to visit the church, which is a wonderful sensory experience, and it can be really lovely to have such a space all to yourselves! There are creative prayer stations around to explore. If you would like to arrange a convenient time to visit just let me know.

For further details about all of these activities, including dates and times click here.

Resources for Sunday Mornings:

Useful Resources for standard Sundays:

Here is a copy of the visual cues for a ‘regular’ service booklet.

Makaton Signing for themed services:

The Lord’s Prayer:

This is the repeated phrase during the Prayer of Thanksgiving:

This is how we sing ‘The Peace’ together as a call and response…

Zoom church – creative ways of connecting.

As we settle into something more like a normal routine here are some ways of creating a prayerful space within your home, ready for services or those precious moments of quiet!

This link also gives helpful ideas about creating a prayer corner at home.

In addition to creating a sacred space, our household has found it really helpful to be actively prayerful by creating prayer squares together while participating in services. The video explains a bit more but its really very simple and you don’t need any special resources – just paper and something to draw with. Enjoy!

B – Tots Playgroup

There is a growing bank of nursery rhymes and songs that can be found on our facebook page! Hannah has been taking requests and adding one or two each week. Also we are now meeting through zoom occasionally which has been a lovely opportunity to remake contact – parents sharing their experiences of the last few weeks and children delighting in singing songs together. If you would like to be involved in B-Tots please go to the Btots Broomhill Playgroup Facebook Page.

Hannah can be contacted on