Children and Families’ Noticeboard

Welcome! This page offers ideas and resources to help you to explore faith and spirituality in a variety of ways within your family. It is often being changed and updated so do keep coming back to have a look!

Family Provision in September

During September we are trialling a few ways of being church together, mainly by gathering for worship on the green.

Gather on the Green at 10am

Most Sundays, we will be meeting together on the green for a short liturgy and space to reflect together (not first Sunday of each month).  The worship is designed to be informal and accessible while we largely remain within our household groups. Having tried this last week, most families came away feeling comfortable that we had found a healthy balance of allowing children to move around while maintaining social distancing.

Spaces are limited to 10 households so please text/email Hannah by Friday each week to confirm if you are planning on coming. On the rare occasion that there are more households than spaces we will prioritise those who have attended least recently/often. (07403 841234 /

Here is the service sheet for gathering which we will use most weeks.

N.B. We will not gather on the green on the first Sunday of each month. This is so that we can continue worshiping with the wider congregation through zoom for a themed service at 10am.

Picnic and Prayers at 12 noon!

Sunday 27 September

Still geared towards creating an accessible space for families and children, we hope this will become an opportunity for more intergenerational connection.

As in August, these sessions will be limited to 6 households, with allocated spaces for each, so we ask that you book in advance to attend.


Private Prayer

Along with gathering on Sundays, you might like to take time out to reconnect within your family and to continue enjoying moments of slowness / mindfulness that have been so important over the last few months. You are welcome to visit the green at any time, where there are creative prayer stations to explore.

Equally, you are welcome to visit the church, which remains a wonderful sensory experience, and it can be really lovely to have such a space all to yourselves! There are creative prayer stations around to explore. If you would like to arrange a convenient time to visit just let me know.

For further details about all of these activities, including dates and times click here.

Resources for Sunday Mornings:

Useful Resources for standard Sundays:

Here is a copy of the visual cues for a ‘regular’ service booklet. You may also find it helpful to access resources for the week’s lectionary at Roots.

Videos of signing for our monthly themed services can be found further down the page.

Family Breakout Space

Family Breakout sessions are on hold for the time being, while we explore whether being together outdoors.

Makaton Signing for themed services:

The Lord’s Prayer:

This is the repeated phrase during the Prayer of Thanksgiving:

This is how we sing ‘The Peace’ together as a call and response…

Zoom church – creative ways of connecting.

As we settle into something more like a normal routine here are some ways of creating a prayerful space within your home, ready for services or those precious moments of quiet!

This link also gives helpful ideas about creating a prayer corner at home.

In addition to creating a sacred space, our household has found it really helpful to be actively prayerful by creating prayer squares together while participating in services. The video explains a bit more but its really very simple and you don’t need any special resources – just paper and something to draw with. Enjoy!

B – Tots Playgroup

There is a growing bank of nursery rhymes and songs that can be found on our facebook page! Hannah has been taking requests and adding one or two each week. Also we are now meeting through zoom occasionally which has been a lovely opportunity to remake contact – parents sharing their experiences of the last few weeks and children delighting in singing songs together. If you would like to be involved in B-Tots please go to the Btots Broomhill Playgroup Facebook Page.

Hannah can be contacted on