Children and Families’ Noticeboard!

Along with the rest of the country we are finding ways be church online! So here are some of the things you might like to know about…

Website Resources

If you are new to our community you may be looking for a few ideas and resources around how to explore faith within your family. We are in the process of re-vamping the Children and Families page to include a few suggestions on where to start – so do keep coming back to have a look!

For the Lenten Paper Chain Resource please visit the Lent 2020 page.

Palm Sunday Resource

If we were gathering on Sunday, we would have enjoyed a procession into the Church and we each would have had a Palm Cross to take away.

Here is a quick introduction to where this tradition comes from: (N.B. The video is tiny when it opens up so double click on it to make bigger!)

and these videos show you how to make a paper cross:

You might like to display them somewhere so that other people can see them as well – either in a window or take a photo and pop it on social media!

B – Tots Playgroup

Sadly we have had to close the group for now but will be exploring ways to keep in touch until we can meet again. In the meantime go to our facebook page on a Thursday afternoon to say hello to each other and join in a song or two with Hannah!

Btots Broomhill Playgroup Facebook Page

The Church is the People!

We are reconsidering how to create ‘space’ for our children. If you have been to our 10am worship and registered your child/ren with St Mark’s you should have been invited to join a closed facebook page called ‘St Mark’s Families’. We hope that this will provide a safe space for children to access and interact with resources generated by our families and children’s leaders. If you would like to register your child/ren for St Mark’s provision please email Hannah.

Hannah can be contacted on