Children and Families’ Noticeboard!

Welcome! This page is to offer ideas and resources to explore faith and spirituality in a variety of ways within your family. It is often being changed and updated so do keep coming back to have a look!

Resources for Sunday Mornings:

Useful Resources for standard Sundays:

Here is a copy of the visual cues for a ‘regular’ service booklet. You may also find it helpful to access resources for the week’s lectionary at Roots.

And here are the makaton signs for this week’s Taize chant:

More videos of signing for themed services can be found further down the page.

Family Breakout Space
Most weeks we will now have a family break out space during the service. This will be held in a separate meeting space – the zoom code is available to all those subscribing to the weekly news letter and/or the children and families newsletter.

The breakout group will start after ‘Journeying Together’ and we will return during the Offertory hymn and will be an informal opportunity for children and families to meet together. It will vary each week but is likely to involve a mixture of singing together – familiar songs/chants and nursery rhymes etc; a story or something to explore together; space to bring and share news and activities etc; and time to bring forward the people and situations we would like to pray for.

Preparing Music for Worship

Over the last year, children and families have often taken part in the Gloria and various other aspects of music within the service. We would really like this to continue during our Zoom services. This is the next Gloria that we will be using, which should be fairly familiar. This is the reference track for you to use –

Instructions for recording the Gloria
The main thing when making a lockdown recording is that you you must make your recording while listening to the reference track. If you don’t your recording will be out of time with everyone else’s and we won’t be able to use it when we’re mixing all the tracks together.
Have a listen to the reference recording. It goes 4 times through the Gloria. The first time is just organ, and instruments and voices join in for the last 3 times through. To record yourself singing it you can use any device you want to. Voice recorder apps on mobile phones are good, or you can use tablets, laptops or other computers. You need to listen to the reference track while you’re making your recording and this can be done through headphones but doesn’t have to be. The reference track will only be slightly audible (if at all) on the final recording. If there’s more than one person making a recording then you can record yourselves singing together, record yourselves separately or record in groups. Recording everyone at once is probably the best way as it’s easier for a group to keep in time than for an individual and there are fewer tracks to mix so it’s easier for the person mixing all the recordings. If you’d like to make recordings while you sing and others while you play an instrument that’s fine. If you’re not happy with your recording you can start again but it’s normal for you to be surprised at what you sound like when you listen to yourself on a recording. The main thing is to make sure your as close as you can be to the speed and timing of the reference track and not to worry too much about what you sound like. There’s a bit of a slowing down at the end of the recording; it’s not easy to keep in time with this but give it your best shot.
Once you’re happy with your recording(s) then email them to David Willington: We’ll add to the final version of the Gloria as recordings come in so if you’re not able to do it straight away that’s not a problem; send your recordings when you’ve made them. We’d like to involve as many people as possible so feel free to share it with family and friends and get them to send their recordings in. If you’ve got any questions feel free to get in touch.

Makaton Signing for themed services:

The Lord’s Prayer:

This is how we sing ‘The Peace’ together as a call and response…

Zoom church – creative ways of connecting.

As we settle into something more like a normal routine here are some ways of creating a prayerful space within your home, ready for services or those precious moments of quiet!

This link also gives helpful ideas about creating a prayer corner at home.

In addition to creating a sacred space, our household has found it really helpful to be actively prayerful by creating prayer squares together while participating in services. The video explains a bit more but its really very simple and you don’t need any special resources – just paper and something to draw with. Enjoy!

Making Crosses:

If we had gathered on Palm Sunday, we would have enjoyed a procession into the Church and we each would have had a Palm Cross to take away.

Here is a quick introduction to where this tradition comes from and two videos to show you how to make them:

You might like to display them somewhere so that other people can see them as well – either in a window or take a photo and pop it on social media!

B – Tots Playgroup

There is a growing bank of nursery rhymes and songs that can be found on our facebook page! Hannah has been taking requests and adding one or two each week. Also we are now meeting through zoom occasionally which has been a lovely opportunity to remake contact – parents sharing their experiences of the last few weeks and children delighting in singing songs together. If you would like to be involved in B-Tots please go to the Btots Broomhill Playgroup Facebook Page.

The Church is the People!

We are reconsidering how to create ‘space’ for our children. If you have been to our 10am worship and registered your child/ren with St Mark’s you should have been invited to join a closed facebook page called ‘St Mark’s Families’. We hope that this will provide a safe space for children to access and interact with resources generated by our families and children’s leaders. If you would like to register your child/ren for St Mark’s provision please email Hannah.

Hannah can be contacted on