Heritage Open Days 11-20 September 2020




This year’s Heritage Open Days festival is taking place between 11th and 20th September 2020. 

In 1940, the Victorian church of St Mark’s Broomhill was destroyed by a fire bomb and only the spire remained intact. After the war, the architect George Pace was appointed to design a new church. After several false starts, the rebuilt church was opened in 1963. Pace’s design is liturgically daring and combines a strongly modernist approach with a love of material and an attention to detail derived from the Arts & Crafts movement. Particular features to note are the great east window with glass designed by Harry Stammers, the west window with a wonderful abstract composition by John Piper and Patrick Reyntiens, and Pace’s idiosyncratic treatment of the organ loft in the n.e. corner of the church.

Virtual Heritage Tour

A virtual tour of St Mark’s church with commentary from members of our church community. This film will also be available on the ‘History’ section of our website.

Guided visits to the building (book in advance)

A chance for a guided visit to the architect George Pace’s finest parish church with its stained glass by John Piper and Patrick Reyntiens and Gillian Rees-Thomas and Harry Stammers.

Explore the architecture of George Pace and the stunning Piper window at St Mark’s Broomhill, which was selected by the National Churches Trust as one of the UK’s Top 10 Best Modern Churches and is the only church in the Sheffield Diocese to be featured in a book on English churches. You will have the opportunity to discover the history of this church, including how it was rebuilt after being destroyed by bombing in 1940.

Opening Times

Saturday 12 September: 13:00 – 17:00
Thursday 17 September: 13:00 – 17:00

Booking Details

Pre-booking: Required
Booking Contact: Sarah Rousseau
Call: 0114 266 3613
Email: [email protected]
Go to: http://www.stmarkssheffield.co.uk
Booking opens: 31 August 2020 10:00
Booking closes: 17 September 2020 10:00

COVID-19 Considerations

This event will run in line with local & national government guidelines at the time of the festival. Each tour will be for a maximum of two people unless it is a single family group. You are asked to wear face masks and to ensure 2m distancing at all times. You will be accompanied by a member of the church.

Additional Information

Max 2 people per tour/session. 30 minutes Contact for the day: Philip Booth 07950 472882


St Mark’s church is located in western Sheffield, 250 metres below the district centre of Broomhill and just to the west of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. The church stands back from Glossop Road, and access on foot is from Beech Hill Road and Broomfield Road or from St Mark’s Crescent, which is accessed from Glossop Road. Bus 120 (>Fulwood) runs frequently from the city centre of Sheffield along Glossop Road; the stop for St Mark’s is Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Parking is restricted in the whole area but the following car parks are available nearby: A) Q Park, Durham Street, Sheffield, S10 2JA Prices: 24/7 charging, 4 hours £6.00, 6 hours £8.00, 8 hours £10.00 B) Indigo Parking, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2JF Prices: charged 6.30am—10.30pm, 2 hours £2.50, 4 hours £3.70, 24 hours £8.40 C)The Francis Newton Pub, Clarkehouse Road, Sheffield, S10

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