Holy Week and Easter 2018

As we approach Holy Week and Easter we accompany Jesus of Nazareth on his journey towards the cross and beyond all that threatened to diminish him. As we listen to the stories of our faith and share at his table we remember his ministry, passion and death.

We pray that you will find the pilgrimage from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday a deepening and enlivening experience.

Palm Sunday – 25 March

8.00 am       BCP Communion

10.00 am     Parish Eucharist with Palm Procession (from the car park) & re-telling of the passion narrative

6.00 pm      Via Dolorosa – Choral Service with music and readings

8.00 pm      Night Service

Monday – 26 March

6.30 pm      Julian Prayer – silent prayer in the Chapel

7.00 pm      Chrism Eucharist at Sheffield Cathedral  –  Open to anyone

                      A Service for the renewal of Ministerial Commitment and the blessing of Sacred Oils

Tuesday – 27 March

8.00 pm      Holy Week Reflection, Embodying Hope

Wednesday – 28 March

7.00 pm       Lent Groups’ final session – “Broken” Episode 6 (Upper Room)

Maundy Thursday – 29 March

8.00 pm      Eucharist in the Upper Room

                        followed by the stripping of the sanctuary and vigil in the chapel

Good Friday – 30 March

9.30 am       Activities and simple Service for all ages

12.00 noon    Three hours’ meditation at the foot of the cross

       until        concluding with a silent Communion using reserved sacrament

3.00 pm      led by Rev’ds Sue Hammersley, Shan Rush and Sarah Colver

stay for as much or as little of the time as you would like

Holy Saturday – 31 March

8.00 pm      Meditation at the tomb (Chapel)

Easter Sunday – 1 April

6.00 am       Dawn Service on St Mark’s Green

                        followed by Breakfast in the lounge

8.00 am       Holy Communion in the Chapel (BCP)

10.00 am     Festive Eucharist; preacher, Anne Padget

8.00 pm       Night Service – Communion

Please join us as we seek to embody hope amidst the challenges of life.



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