The Home Donations Group is all about how donations made by St Mark’s are given to-mainly- local organisations.

This year the Group has been looking at our purpose and how we work.We’ve agreed that our purpose is to support voluntary and community groups to promote social justice and wellbeing and to actively connect St Mark’s values, mission and congregation to this work.

In 2016 the Home Donations Group made donations, in total of about £7000, to 19 groups and organisations such as the S2 food bank and the Darnall Family Development Project.

The generosity of St Marks’s congregation helps small organisations working directly with people, for instance, to improve their health, and  groups campaigning about the causes of poverty that curtail the life chances of  many Sheffield citizens.

The connecting part of our purpose statement is important and we are going to meet the groups we supported so we can understand their work and how the St Mark’s money is helping them. In addition, we want to make sure that we communicate to the congregation how their contributions support positive action in Sheffield and beyond.

For 2017, we decided that we wanted to keep some vital small donations and to support organisations whose work impacts on the causes of injustice with a larger grant. When the idea of a Centre for Refugees came up we agreed that we would make a provisional offer to kick-start the funding appeal.

During the year we will be looking at other projects/themes which we may support in 2017 such as mental health. We consulted groups in the congregation about this and we’ll use these ideas to inform our decisions.

Charities in Sheffield are a vital part of improving life in the city and creating thousands of volunteering opportunities. Home Donations makes a real difference to the effectiveness of these charities.

Group members include: Sue Hammersley, Rosie Hunt, Dez Martin, David Price, David Ryder, David Trickett and Chris Ware.

If you can join the Home Donations Group please contact any one on the Group.