Hope for the Future

Bishop Steven, a strong supporter of Hope for the Future writes about this vital climate campaign

Here is something we can do about climate change! We are always being told that it’s urgent and that the time to take action is short.  But there is so much doom and gloom that it’s only natural to wonder if it’s worth even trying.

But it is, and what we can do is simple, and can make a big difference.  It’s about churches acting together in letting our MPs know that we really care about climate change;  that we want our children and grandchildren to inherit a planet on which they can live and flourish.

The Hope for the Future campaign is encouraging churches to hold a Climate Write In – a simple and effective way to let MPs know our concerns.  The website (www.hftf.org.uk) has all you’ll need to run the Write In.  On the news section you’ll see that some parishes have already done this – and proved it really does work.

Rather than the MPs or Parliamentary candidates getting just one or two letters, they get a stack (or one joint letter signed by a whole congregation) – much more difficult for them to dismiss.  

If churches can take this further by meeting with their MP (either at their office or in the church), to discuss the issues, that is even better.  This will leave MPs in no doubt that there are lots of people who do care about climate change, and who want real action.

I urge all churches to take part in this simple and effective campaign. The 2015 General Election marks a decisive moment in the battle against Climate Change, and I believe that Christians have a vital role to play.

Harvest festivals in the coming Autumn offer an excellent opportunity to take action, so does St Francis Day (October 4th) and the Christian Aid ‘Hunger for Justice’ campaign (18-19th October).  The Hope for the Future website has plenty of resources for churches to use.

Our Diocesan Environmental Officer, Michael Bayley will be glad to offer help and advice. (Phone: 0114 258 5248: E-mail ;  michael.hopeftf@gmail.com).

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