The International Group aims to raise awareness and support individuals and organisations working to end poverty and to promote equality and justice. As a church 6.6% of our given income is allocated to support international causes. Members of the International Committee meet annually in November to review how this money will be allocated. Additional input and support is given through prayer, managing donations and enabling directed fundraising, as well as volunteering time, gifts or skills to encourage and inform the wider congregation about the projects we are supporting.
Our work includes:

  • Supporting major aid charities: Christian Aid is the main focus of our giving and money is raised for them throughout the year in various ways such as the annual street collection during Christian Aid week, sponsorship, sharing hospitality and carol singing.
  • Assisting projects where a personal link has developed with overseas visitors attending St Mark’s or by congregation members visiting another country. Information about these projects are displayed on our notice board, written up in Mark’s Messenger and shared over lunches or after church services.
  • Raising awareness and supporting campaigns: such as sending greetings cards to people detained against their will and campaigning to end abuses of human rights through Amnesty International along with other organisations who are lobbying members of parliament to influence government policy on issues such as climate change, tax dodging and gender injustice.
  • Supporting educational projects working to raise awareness locally and abroad.
  • Ad hoc appeals for emergency situations initiated by organisations such as the Disaster Emergency Committee.

Details about our current activities and the individual charities we are supporting can be found in the St Mark’s Annual Report which is issued each April.

If you would like to join the group, help us on an occasional basis, suggest a project for the International Group to consider, or are seeking further information, please get in touch with the facilitator of our group Dilys Noble or Shan Rush