Most of us, at some stage in our lives, lose someone we love. The pain of our loss can leave us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. We have a small bereavement team at St Mark’s so please let us know if you would find some support and companionship helpful.

Sometimes it falls to us to arrange a funeral service. This can be a demanding task with many factors to take into consideration.

The ministry team at St Mark’s is always ready to offer support and guidance, whether or not the funeral takes place here.

A funeral can be arranged in church for anyone who lives in the parish or who has a link with St Mark’s. There is no requirement for baptism or church attendance. We try to be sensitive to the beliefs of the person who has died and to those who gather together to mourn their loss. We are open to those whose religious faith has lapsed and those who have no religious beliefs.

There are also times when a death does not always lead to a funeral and this can be especially painful. If you have experienced miscarriage or if your loved one has gone missing, please get in touch so that we can support you, with a suitable service if you would find this helpful.

Sometimes grief can be prolonged and the journey can seem very lonely. Please let us know if you would find it helpful for someone to be in touch, however long ago your loved one/s died. May you find comfort and peace in knowing that you are not alone.