Lights in Darkness: Sunday 27 December @ 7pm

On Sunday 27 December at 7pm, Night Service will be a ‘Lights in Darkness’ service.

Christmas is not always a time of merriment and cheer, and many will feel dislocated from the tidings of comfort and joy.

For many this season may bring pain, and conflict, feelings of loss and grief, isolation, uncertainty and anxiety.

At this service, we will name the darkness in the world that surrounds us, and pray for the coming of Christ’s light.

This liturgy journeys through the Christmas story as told in Luke and John, and includes the lighting of candles. The booklet can be viewed here (PDF).

This service will be held over Zoom. The code to join us is the usual Night Service Zoom Meeting. If you do not have this code and would like to join us, please email [email protected] by 6pm on 27 December.

Night Service @ St Mark's. Lights in Darkness: a Christmas Service for difficult times. Sunday 17 December 7pm over Zoom

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