Lionstale, a church and its people.

On 22 June 2013 St Mark’s will stage a community play to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

LIONSTALE follows parishioner Josiah and his rebellious daughter Emily through 160 years in the life of St Mark’s with the help of around 40 actors/ singers.



Come and play:

  • A vicar
  • A visionary architect
  • An heiress
  • An angel
  • A May Queen
  • A Boy Scout
  • A wild Temperance lady
  • A firestarter
  • The woman who attacked the bishop….

Or join a group of friends or family as:

  • Protest marchers
  • Waltzing Victorian flirts
  • Lion dancers
  • A PCC
  • A WATCH group
  • A Confused Congregation

Rehearsals begin after Easter  – please sign up if you’re interested in

  • Acting (small role, major role, part of a group)
  • Singing in the choir
  • Playing an instrument
  • Dancing / choreography
  • Costumes/ props
  • Technical help ( sound, lights, projections, making a DVD)
  • Front of house.
  • Baking ( we need enough cupcakes to feed a whole audience)

Download the flier here.

PLEASE SIGN UP ON THE SHEETS IN CHURCH or contact Frances Gray for more information at [email protected]

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