Love God, love our neighbours, love ourselves

These are the greatest commandments and are the very core of our faith.

We live in unprecedented times. Never did I imagine that I would be instructed by the government to lock our church building.

Each of us is being called upon to look after ourselves to the very best of our ability and to care for those around us. Jesus came to his disciples when they were frightened, locked in an upper room, in an environment which had changed beyond recognition. He came and he brought them peace.

Over the last week many resources have become available to those who are well connected to the internet. These are being used and shared. We are also committed to reaching those for whom these resources are inaccessible, using the telephone and, where appropriate, offering encouragement through people’s letterboxes. We are committed to continuing to support you in this and are identifying those we believe to be most at risk of isolation. Thank you to everyone who is offering support, in whatever way you can. Please let us know if you become aware of someone who is in particular need.

Please see our current Pastoral Care guidelines which Shan has prepared.

The church already looks different. We are the church, in our own households and in our own networks, as we break the sustenance we have and share it with others. May you know Christ’s peace, which passes all understanding as you continue to reach out to those around you. This will become increasingly difficult for some of us so may we look beyond the chaos to the peace which is God, the source of all peace.

Calm me Lord as you calmed the storm

Still me Lord, keep me from harm

Let all the tumult within me cease

Enfold me Lord in your peace.


David Adam

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