Mark’s Messenger, published each month, is a successful and enjoyable magazine; open to new ideas and great to read! We aim to communicate with Church members and friends, report activities, share cultural experiences and reflect what’s happening in the community.

We know that many of our members young and old welcome the chance to write for the magazine, to voice their opinions or simply catch up with news, absorb fresh ideas, read books and film reviews and, generally, be part of the lively world that is St Mark’s!

St Mark’s aims to achieve a feeling of ‘togetherness’ from which we can all benefit. By keeping in touch with St Mark’s members, past and present, young and old, as well as the wider community we are making the magazine a vital and enjoyable part of our reading. Why not contact us?

For further information on how to contribute articles to the Messenger or subscribe to receive a paper copy, please contact the church office.