Notices – 19 July 2020


No (virtual) flowerthis week, but Michael Miller has shared this lovely photo of Brodsworth Hall taken last month. Fountain in garden with Brodsworth Hall in the background

Please contact the church office if you have any notices for next week – [email protected] – 0114 266 3613.  If you would like to speak to a member of the clergy please call Revd Sarah Colver on 07975 689403. 

Email with service details is sent out every Friday – please contact the office if you would like to be included in the mail out.  Sarah  

WHEN WILL ST MARK’S RE-OPEN? Please contact the office (by email) or see the Friday email for more information. Clergy team 

PILGRIM POSTCARDS  During August we will be exploring the theme of ‘Pilgrimage’ together. If you’d like to share your pilgrim place, you can send it to [email protected]and we’ll make it into a postcard. We will need: a picture of your pilgrim place which you have either taken or made and short message which explains why this place is special to you. See here for more information. Cate 

T-TIME WORKSHIP 26 JULY We will be holding T-Time service for Pride with creative prayer stations which can be accessed physically in the building of St Mark’s or by downloading them to explore at home, we will then gather over zoom for a short liturgy and shared tea at 5pm.  The stations at St Mark’s will be open to one household at a time for about 30 minutes and are only available by pre-booking – please email me ([email protected]) to express your interest. Hannah 

FAMINE IN YEMEN Double Your Donation If you have not already donated and would still like to please click on the link The British Government has offered to match pound for pound up to the first £5million donated. Thanks. St Mark’s International Donations 

THANK YOU My family and I been on the receiving end of some extraordinary generosity over the last few months as I have been recovering from COVID. I’d like to thank everyone who has made us a meal, dropped by with snacks and tea and and sent words of encouragement and support. It has made a huge difference and we are truly grateful for the friendship of the St Mark’s community.  I will endeavour to get your pots and pans back to you as soon as I can! Lizzie, Jon, William and Rose 

PASTORAL CARE FOR OLDER PEOPLE – Please visit here to see how Claire Brooks, Our Community Worker with Older People, funded through Churches Together in Broomhill and Broomhall, is managing to continue to enhance lives and offer support during the current crisis. Her report was written for the CTBB AGM held this week. 

BROOMHILL FESTIVAL EXHIBITION OF CHILDRENS ART The entries for the art competition are now up in the windows of the library, do pop up and take a look. Kathy Harbord. 

READY, STEADY, COOK – Could you offer to cook an extra portion for someone on their own or a meal for a family? We would like you to consider offering your hospitality to members of the congregation who would value our support at present. It can be a oneoff contribution or a regular commitment which will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Please e-mail if you are able to help. Thank you. Shan 

FRIENDSHIP CLUB Issue number 5 of “Let’s Connect”, the Lunch and Friendship Club newsletter, is available, edited by Mary-Jane and David Ryder. If you would like to receive this, please tell Sarah in the church office. Rosalind    

NEWS from Anna and Anne: We are getting married and it’s all terribly exciting! It is also going to be a bit different to what we originally planned, but in many ways, it will be more fun, not less! We will get married in a small ceremony on 25th July, and we feel very grateful to be able to do it this year.  However! We are planning a bigger celebration for our first anniversary on 24th July 2021. You are all invited to join us on that day. You can find all the details including new RSVP form on our website: www.25072020.comWe look forward to celebrating with all our family and friends, at the time when – we hope – it will be safe and enjoyable for everybody to participate.  Anna and Anne 

NEWS from ROSIE RICHARDS: Rosie’s long-awaited move to her daughter’s in Ireland has now happened but she is hoping to continue to join us on Zoom.  She will be in quarantine for a few weeks, but she has given her new address to Sarah in the church office and she would love to hear from everyone! Sue H 

HEALTHWATCH SHEFFIELD is doing a survey about the impact of COVID 19 on mental and physical health as well as their experience of how other services worked. Healthwatch wants to use the survey results to feedback people’s experience to decision makers so they can use this information in future planning. Please consider completing the survey at – Thank you. Judy Robinson 

2 BED FLAT AVAILABLE in Walkley, while at least October. Rent free, although bills not included. For more info, contact Gary at [email protected] 

S6 FOODBANK is still running from the Broomhall Centreopen Mon 11am – 1pm to give out food parcels and on Mon/Thur1011am for donations. Any dry goods including toiletries are welcome. If you need a food parcel or are recommending someone, you must phone in advance. The Foodbank Hub Line is 0114 321 0733. There is a Hub Support Line 321 0734 which gives wider advice, e.g. universal credit, debt relief, getting back into work etc. The number of people using the food bank has gradually increased during lockdown as has the number of people bringing donations. 

THE BROOMHALL CENTRE hopes to reopen in September and wants to keep the Foodbank, moving the stores currently spread out in the main hall into a shipping container at the back of the building. They are working out how to operate safely which will involve extra cleaning time and supplies and more careful advice to users, but they are sure there will be people keen to start meeting again and have a large space where they can socially distance. 

GOOD NEWS STORIES People might like to share good news stories, images, poetry and light hearted items. We will be collating these together with the weekly notices into a post for our website. If you have items you’d like us to consider for inclusion please send them to the office. Sarah R   

WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU – Each week during morning and evening prayer, the clergy and pastoral care team pray for each one of you. If you have a specific prayer request for the pastoral care team or for intercessions at services, please let us know by e-mailing [email protected], or by contacting one of the clergy. Specific requests will remain on the intercessory prayer list for 4 weeks. If there is a need for the request to remain in the prayers for longer, please have a conversation with one of the clergy team. Thank you. Shan   

GOOD NEWS STORIES People might like to share good news stories, images, poetry and light hearted items. We will be collating these together with the weekly notices into a post for our website. If you have items you’d like us to consider for inclusion please send them to the office. Sarah R   

THIS WEEK’S LONGER READ – 3 days in The Yemen – Sarah Rousseau 

I hadn’t intended to write the long read this week, but when I mentioned to Dilys that I’d visited The Yemen years ago, it seemed obvious that I had a story to tell which was very relevant, and could give a small insight into a place that most people will know little about or ever get the chance to visit. 

I’m really luck enough to have been to some amazing places in my life, but one of the most incredible, and most surprising is my three day visit to Sana’a in The Yemen.  In 1997 my father’s business was asked to source a barcode reader and software for the Yemeni government  – this was at a time when my Dad didn’t really know how to use a mobile phone or his very old desktop computer! 

He managed to source the reader and software, but needed someone who could demonstrate them in The Yemen (and in Barbados – but that’s another story!).  So, I found myself one of only 3 westerners (including my Dad) staying in the poshest hotel in Sana’a.  This was not posh at all, but it was clean and tidy and the staff were lovely. 

On the day we went to demonstrate the giant printer (it was the size of a small suitcase) and software; we met with officials and members of the Yemeni royal family in a large carpeted room with cushions all around.  There was lots of chatting (everyone spoke perfect English, some had even studied in the UK), lounging on the cushions, and sharing of Quat leaves (a stimulant that is chewed like tobacco) – it did nothing for me, and tasted disgusting!! 

I demonstrated the software, the deal was done, and then was asked by a very shy Prince if I could give him a MS Word lesson as he wasn’t sure what all the buttons meant in English!!  He was a quick study and it was lovely chatting to someone who was so interested.  Afterwards, whilst the men (I never saw any women for the whole time I was there) continued ‘chatting and quatting’ I went for a walk in the local neighbourhood. 

The streets were busy, and as a young western woman I certainly gained attention.  Everyone I met was friendly and welcoming, they wanted to know who I was, and they wanted to practice their English – including a group of about 20 primary age children out walking with their teachers. 

As a UNESCO World Heritage site the Old City of Sana’a is amazing, Dad had hired a driver to take us up into the hills to see from afar, I took loads of photographs – but on returning to the UK I discovered that my camera was broken and I ended up with only the rubbish photos below, but to have seen it was incredible.  The food during the trip was amazing; I’ll never forget the ‘blue fish’ we picked up from some back alley vendor, and then had cooked and served on a pile of rice on a table covered in newspaper!  Eating with our hands – the freshest, tastiest fish I’ve ever eaten. 

With the war and famine in recent years in Yemen, and now the added disaster of Coronavirus; I often find myself wondering what happen to the people I met, especially the children who were so friendly and keen to learn, and the young prince – are they even still alive? Where are they now?  So, when the International Committee put the DEC appeal in the notices I knew I had to give what I could – I’d encourage everyone to do so, the everyday people of Yemen are really suffering. 

Painted houses in the Yemen Painted houses in The Yemen Sunset over the city of Sana'a

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