Notices – 2 August 2020


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Please contact the church office if you have any notices for next week – – 0114 266 3613.  If you would like to speak to a member of the clergy please call Revd Sarah Colver on 07975 689403. 

Email with service details is sent out every Friday – please contact the office if you would like to be included in the mail out.  Sarah  

WHEN WILL ST MARK’S RE-OPEN? Please contact the office (by email) or see the Friday email for more information. Clergy team 

SERVICE BOOKLETS During August we are trialing how services look as we return to the building. Part of this is experimenting with how we display our liturgy over Zoom and on the new church projector. In order to do this well, we are now using PowerPoint in place of our usual service booklets. PDFs of the slides are available as usual on the websiteSarah R 

SERMONS  Whilst we undertake our pilgrimage at home during August, each person preaching will share a reflection about their favourite or much loved place, possibly a place that helps them feel closer or connected to God. If you would like to listen to an alternative sermon linked to the lectionary readings, you might consider accessing the video sermons being offered by The Bishop of Sheffield’s senior staff. These are available from Thursday each week and can be found at     The Clergy Team 

PILGRIM POSTCARDS  During August we are exploring the theme of ‘Pilgrimage’ together. If you’d like to share your pilgrim place, you can send it to and we’ll make it into a postcard. We will need: a picture of your pilgrim place which you have either taken or made and short message (100 max) which explains why this place is special to you. See here for more information. Cate 

Wedding photograph THANK YOU FROM AnnE & AnnA We would like to thank our wonderful congregation for all the kind wishes, cards and gifts we have received. We have had a most wonderful day and are delighted to be married! We look forward to celebrating with everybody next year at a 1st-year anniversary party. You are all warmly invited. Here is the link to the new save the date form. You can also find the best photos of the wedding here. Thank you again for all your support we have received from day 1! With best wishes, Mrs and Mrs Padget! 



THE LIT COLLECTIVE (TLC) Sheffield are excited to invite you to our first online festival, which centres and celebrates womxn writers of colour. This is happened last week but if you didn’t catch it the resources are still available at Hannah 

RUTH BIRD We are sad to hear the news of Ruth Bird’s recent death. Her profession was nursing and the training of nurses (she was one of Shan’s tutors) and she spent a short time working in a hospital in Nazareth.  Ruth was a longstanding member of St Mark’s congregation but changed her place of worship when she decided to follow John Giles in his move to the Cathedral in the late 1980s. Her loving nature, her steadfast faith and her support of the Church will long be remembered. May she rest in peace. Ruth’s funeral will be held at the Cathedral on Friday August 7th at 2.15 pm. Anyone wishing to attend should get in touch with the cathedral office beforehand.  Eve Saunders 

FAMINE IN YEMEN Double Your Donation If you have not already donated and would still like to please click on the link The British Government has offered to match pound for pound up to the first £5million donated. Thanks. St Mark’s International Donations 

READY, STEADY, COOK – Could you offer to cook an extra portion for someone on their own or a meal for a family? We would like you to consider offering your hospitality to members of the congregation who would value our support at present. It can be a one-off contribution or a regular commitment which will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Please e-mail if you are able to help. Thank you. Shan 

PASTORAL CARE FOR OLDER PEOPLE – Please look here to see how Claire Brooks, Our Community Worker with Older People, funded through Churches Together in Broomhill and Broomhall, is managing to continue to enhance lives and offer support during the current crisis. Her report was written for the CTBB AGM held this week. 

FRIENDSHIP CLUB : the latest Issue, number 6, of “Let’s Connect”, the Lunch and Friendship Club newsletter, is now out, edited by Carol Rowe. If you would like to receive this, please tell Sarah in the church office. Rosalind    

HEALTHWATCH SHEFFIELD is doing a survey about the impact of COVID 19 on mental and physical health as well as their experience of how other services worked. Healthwatch wants to use the survey results to feedback people’s experience to decision makers so they can use this information in future planning. Please consider completing the survey at – Thank you. Judy Robinson 

S6 FOODBANK is still running from the Broomhall Centreopen Mon 11am – 1pm to give out food parcels and on Mon/Thur1011am for donations. Any dry goods including toiletries are welcome. If you need a food parcel or are recommending someone, you must phone in advance. The Foodbank Hub Line is 0114 321 0733. There is a Hub Support Line 321 0734 which gives wider advice, e.g. universal credit, debt relief, getting back into work etc. The number of people using the food bank has gradually increased during lockdown as has the number of people bringing donations. 

GOOD NEWS STORIES People might like to share good news stories, images, poetry and light hearted items. We will be collating these together with the weekly notices into a post for our website. If you have items you’d like us to consider for inclusion please send them to the office. Sarah R   

WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU – Each week during morning and evening prayer, the clergy and pastoral care team pray for each one of you. If you have a specific prayer request for the pastoral care team or for intercessions at services, please let us know by e-mailing office@stmarkssheffield, or by contacting one of the clergy. Specific requests will remain on the intercessory prayer list for 4 weeks. If there is a need for the request to remain in the prayers for longer, please have a conversation with one of the clergy team. Thank you. Shan   

LONGER READ – St Marks Lunch & Friendship Club 

What we are doing in the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Even before Monday 16 March 2020, some members had already rung in to say that they would not be coming to club on the Wednesday following. It was becoming clear to the helpers that a decision had to be taken. We did not really know what we were up against, nor how anything would develop. Twelve of the helpers met at St Mark’s that Monday. The question before us was, do we close the club NOW, or do we make plans for the time when we are compelled to close the club. 

We were really concerned about the effect of Coronavirus on a group as vulnerable as ours, in which the age of a good number of the helpers as well as members is over 70.  We concluded that we should close the club from that moment on.  All members were informed before the day was out. They had surely seen and heard the national and world news, and would be beginning to think how it could affect them individually.   

Everyone in the Lunch Club has a telephone. Helpers were deputed to ring members, to let them know the news. There was a general expression of sadness at the decision to close, but it had to happen, and everyone understood why. 

Thus began regular telephone contact between individuals, which has continued up to the time of writing. We have become accustomed to long conversations, brief conversations and everything in between, with a lot of discussion, opinions aired, expressions of joy and frustration at the rules as they have been issued. Some restrictions have caused confusion. Everyone had their own ways of getting on with life in lockdown, and for some people, of course, especially those living on their own with mobility problems, this new life was not so different from the former one. But they do miss the chance that the Lunch Club gave them to get out, meet friends, have a good meal and enjoy some entertainment. It was often their only outing of the week. 

To provide something tangible which could be read and re-read, a newsletter was born, to keep everyone in touch. It is called “Lets Connect” and the current edition is number 6. Present circulation is 62 and growing. It always gives a couple of useful telephone numbers on page 1: for Claire Brooks, and for the Town Hall emergency number, for ready reference. There follow all sorts of contributions, mostly from the helpers, but occasionally from the members. We have poems, puzzles, accounts of happenings during lockdown, where I was on VE day, Mabel and Dog, funny stories, riddles and sayings – anything to make people smile. There have been five different Editors for “Let’s Connect” so far, helpers who have volunteered to produce an issue and to collect items either by post, telephone or email. Most members are not on the Internet, but, after a bit of asking around, it has been found that they have relatives who are, the latter willing to print off the newsletter and deliver it with the shopping! Those members who are on the Internet and can cope with attachments, do so. Those who are not linked in either way get their copy by post or by hand.  

How many issues do I expect “Let’s Connect” to run to? The question, like the future of Lunch Clubs, is one which I simply cannot answer. Here we are, in this current phase, mostly being cautious because we are clinically vulnerable (or, clinically extremely vulnerable). As we look at a relaxation of lockdown, there is a variety of opinion about how soon to do what safely. 

Given a virus that is spread from person to person, at close quarters, particularly in enclosed spaces, and can lead to serious illness and even death, mostly among the elderly population and those with underlying health problems, we in the Lunch Club are probably among those least likely to be in a hurry to get back to anything we could recognise as “normality”. The future is uncertain. 

Rosalind Rogerson 

Our thanks to Rosalind and her team of helpers as they continue to support members of St Mark’s Lunch and Friendship Club. Social isolation and loneliness add to health risks for vulnerable people so the interventions of telephone contact and the newsletter “Let’s connect” create alternative opportunities for interaction and are the next best thing to help maintain social connectedness until it is safe enough to physically meet once again.  

Shan and the Clergy and Pastoral Care Team 

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