Notices for Sunday 13 September 2020


an arrangement of pink and white flowers in front of the pulpit


Flowers donated and arranged by Judith Harrison 


 Please contact the church office if you have any notices for next week – [email protected] – 0114 266 3613.  If you would like to speak to a member of the clergy please call Sue Hammersley on 07904 284853.  

An email with service details is sent out every Friday – please contact the office if you would like to be included in the mail out.  Sarah  


HERITAGE OPEN DAYS – SATURDAY AND THURSDAY St Mark’s is open to visitors between 1pm and 5pm on Sat 12 and Thurs 17 September for Heritage Open Days. This year, reservation is necessary and only one person or family group can be in the church at any one time. Please do pass the word around as it is an excellent way of coming into church at the moment.  There is also a video of St Mark’s which you can access from the church website that goes live on 11 September. Philip Booth 


PRIVATE PRAYER IN ST MARK’S We are pleased that individuals (& households) have begun to attend pre-booked quiet prayer in St Mark’s. Please contact the office to book but it is helpful if you suggest your availability.  An email will be sent outlining the necessary precautions. ([email protected]). Sarah R 


SERVICES IN ST MARK’S IN SEPTEMBER All Services are continuing on Zoom, but we are also continuing to hold one service each Sunday in the building.   Read more information about how this is working on our website –   The following services will be in the building – 13 Sept 10am Parish Eucharist, 20 Sept 8am BCP Communion and 27 Sept 10am Parish Eucharist.  Please contact the office to book a place at a service.  Sarah R 


8am SERVICES In addition to worship in church, we are pleased to be able to continue offering a BCP service of Holy Communion on Zoom at 8am each month. So, on September 20 and October 11 the service will just be in church and on September 27 and October 25 just on Zoom. The clergy team. 


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR TECH TEAMS As we continue to develop our worship both online and in the building, we would like to grow the teams who have been making this possible. If you are confident with technology and would like to help with Zoom or with the sound desk, please email [email protected]Role descriptions are available here. Cate 


OUR ANNUAL PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEETINGS (APCM) will be held straight after a shortened morning service on Sunday 25 October (at about 11am).  The notices which are pinned to the church door may be viewed here and here. Everyone is welcome to join us but only those on the Electoral Roll may vote or stand for PCC.  Please do consider standing for PCC as it is one way of having a voice in how the church makes decisions.  Please talk to either of the churchwardens for more information.  Sue 


ST MARKS ELECTORAL ROLL is the list of members who can vote at our APCM and stand for the PCC or Synod.  This is not the same as the congregational list or email circulation. In order to qualify to be on the electoral roll you must be baptized and either live in the parish or worship regularly at St Mark’s.  The notice which is pinned to the church door can be viewed here. The Roll is a public document so if you would like to check whether you are already on it you can find the list of names here. The form you need to complete to join the Electoral Roll is here (PDF) and here (word). The deadline for returning forms is midday on Thursday October 8.  Please return all forms to me via the church office. Thank you.  Peter Ryder 


David Stoker 1979-2010: Artistic, awkward, beard, bossy, brave, caring, carnivorous, chocolate, complicated, creative, cuddly, DAVE, dedicated, dependable, enthusiastic, film fanatic, fun, funny, fussy, geeky, generous, good listener, grumpy, hairy, huge, huggy, inspiration, interested, just, kind, knowledgeable, laughing, loving, loyal, meat, moody, natural Christian, open, perfectionist, philosophical, photographer, picky, pizza, precise, protective, reliable, sandals, sceptical, self effacing, sensitive, silly, single minded, straightforward, stubborn, talented, tea, technical, thoughtful, understanding, vegetable hating, warm, welcoming.

REMEMBERING DAVE This week marks 10 years since Dave Stoker’s death. Some of us are going to meet on zoom to remember him and watch some of the many films he made. We have been in touch with his parents who send their love to all and continue to remember St Marks with fondnessRosie Hunt 


DOROTHY GRAY IS MOVING Richard and I are moving to Ripon on 18 September. I have been attending St Marks since September 2013 and it has been a rollercoaster for me ever since! I have been sprung clean in my beliefs and am a better Christian as a result. Thank you all for making me feel part of your community. St Marks congregation must be one of the best for seamless service and teamwork. Thank you all for your prayers and support especially when I was unwell and awkward. If any of you are in Ripon give us a call (Sarah R has my number). Yours gratefully Dorothy Gray 


FRIENDSHIP CLUB  Issue 7 of the Lunch and Friendship Club newsletter “Let’s Connect” is now out, edited by Jean Baxter.  If you would like to receive this, please contact Sarah in the office.  Rosalind 


MARKS MESSENGER the September edition has now been sent out to subscribers (and will be available on the website soon), if you’d like to subscribe please contact the office.  Sarah R 


SEARCHING FOR A DRIVING INSTRUCTOR I’m looking for a new driving instructor (automatic) as mine has now retired. Please could you let me know if you have any recommendations? Thank you. Cate 


PACEM POSTCARD PILGRIMAGE – We were missing the regular Taizé in Sheffield community vibe – experienced primarily in the bring and share meals prior to the Taizé prayer. For obvious reasons, currently we are unable to share meals together as one big group. Howeverwe would like to suggest an alternative taking place in the first few weeks of September. We have put together a sign-up sheet so that we can pass on the spirit of community between each other, 2 households at a time! Click here for full details and sign up, it would be great to see as many signed up as possible! Any questions, get in touch. Oli Giles 


GATHERINGS ON THE GREEN – A number of activities/services are starting to take place on the Green, particularly for those who find it more difficult to access the building and Zoom.  For more information please contact Hannah Jones [email protected] 


NEW SHORT FILMS The Progressive Christianity Network (PCN Britain) has commissioned 5 short films with big challenges for religious faith. You can view the films here: Members of St Marks are invited to join PCN Britain. Robin Story ([email protected]) convenes the local Sheffield group and Adrian Alker chairs  the national team of trustees, please contact us for more information.  Adrian 


SERMONS AND SO MUCH MORE Did you know that you can find a whole back catalogue (back as far as 2010!) of Sermons from St Mark’s to read onlineVisit to have a browse! Sarah R 


PILGRIM POSTCARDS All the postcards are now available to view in the church if you are able to visit (look for the stand at the front of church), or they are also available to read online at Some lovely stories and images. Sarah R 


CREATIVE WRITING & STORY TELLING WELLBEING GROUP Aged 50 or over? Join Zoom creative writing group where you will be helped, encouraged and guided to capture YOUR story….no experience necessary.  7 sessions for about 90 minutes each being run by Age Better in Sheffield and Sheffield Mind, commencing 11am Tues 8 Sept, running for 6 weeks.  Register your name and contact details at [email protected] or call 07900 743 926.  Claire Brooks 


WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU – Each week during morning and evening prayer, the clergy and pastoral care team pray for each one of you. If you have a specific prayer request for the pastoral care team or for intercessions at services, please let us know by e-mailing [email protected], or by contacting one of the clergy. Specific requests will remain on the intercessory prayer list for 4 weeks. If there is a need for the request to remain in the prayers for longer, please have a conversation with one of the clergy team. Thank you. Shan   


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