Notices for Sunday 7 February 2021

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ZOOM WORSHIP ‚ÄstWe have been made aware that¬†although the majority of people were able to hear the whole of the service¬†on 31st¬†Jan,¬†several¬†people¬†reported being¬†unable to hear the music¬†and hymns. We are not sure what caused this and hope the¬†problem will not continue. If you experience it again, please let us know¬†(by emailing the office)¬†so we can¬†investigate¬†the problem¬†more fully.¬†Sarah, Shan, Sue and Cate.¬†

NEWS FROM ST ANDREW’S URC It is with sadness that we heard that James Dickson died in the early hours of Tuesday morning.  James and Jean have been key members of St Andrews and close friends of St Mark’s through Church Together.  We hold Jean and all our friends at St Andrews in our thoughts and prayers at this time.  Sue 


Paper heart threaded onto a piece of stringWINDOWS OF LOVE– our theme for next week’s service (14 Feb) will be love! Part of the invitation will be for you to create something either to display in your window, or to send to a loved one to let them know that you continue to love and hold them in your thoughts. For inspiration on what to create head over to¬†¬†





Infographic with same information as notice for pancake parties - images of pancakesPANCAKE PARTIES Tues Feb 16th This year our pancake parties will be over zoom with a focus on Fairtrade Fortnight. There will be two sittings, all are welcome at either.  

4.30pm Р5.30pm: Pancake agape service with a simple liturgy, suitable for younger children. 

6.30pm- 8pm: Suitable for all ages, short liturgy, time to chat whilst making pancakes, pancake competition and quiz 

It may be helpful to prepare your pancake ingredients in advance, but there will be time to make the pancakes during the party. Prizes for most unusual pancake filling (that you are willing to actually eat!) and most impressive pancake design at the 6.30pm sitting! We’d love everyone to be able to join us so please let us know (by emailing by Friday 12th if you need ingredients or pancakes delivering to you. Ceri Gallivan 



Infographic with the same information as the Ash Wednesday noticeASH WEDNESDAY To mark the beginning of the season of Lent we will be holding a joint mission partnership service over Zoom at 7.30pm. Details of how to join will be in the Friday email on 12/01/21. 


If you would like to participate in the imposition of ashes, please contact by Friday 12th February and we will prepare a kit which you can collect or have delivered. 

LENT If you have signed up for a Lent group you should now have had an email confirming your group day and time.  The host/faciliator will be in touch with you early next week with the Zoom information.  Please ensure you’ve downloaded or ordered the material from USPG in advance of the course. John Schofield 

NEW CLERGY APPOINTMENT For the last few months the PCC have been working on our next steps forward as a church community, and have come to two decisions. 

First, to appoint a new member of clergy to complement our team. The role will be advertised as ‘Liberal¬†Theolgian’ and experienced priest, to¬†emphasise¬†that we are seeking someone who is a good communicator in the Liberal¬†Theolgical¬†tradition, and also able to support Sunday services and occasional offices.¬† We are offering the house in¬†Betjamen¬†Gardens and a part time stipend. The advertisement will appear in the Church Times for the first time on Friday January 29th, both digitally and in print.¬†

Second, PCC have appointed a Strategy Working Group to focus on St Marks strategy for the next few years. The group will be small enough to work effectively, but with representation from the different parts of our community. It will be chaired by an external consultant. 

These are two important and exciting initiatives.  Please hold both of these in your prayers over the next few weeks, and if you are aware of someone who might be just the right person for the role of Liberal Theologian at St Marks, please will you bring the advert to their attention.  Thank you. Pat Hunt & James Oliver 

SACRISTAN HELP¬†I’m going on placement to St John’s¬†Ranmoor¬†for sixth months from Ash Wednesday. Would someone like to take on the¬†roll¬†of sacristan whilst I’m away? You need to be in Sheffield until September and available to come into church weekly (but that can be discussed!). I’ll provide support throughout my time away so you won’t be on your own and will brief you fully before you start. If you’re¬†interested¬†please send me an email ( or contact the clergy. Lu Skerratt¬†

FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT 22 February to 7 March 2021 For two weeks each year thousands of individuals, companies and groups across the UK come together to share the stories of the people who grow our food and drinks, and who grow the cotton in our clothes, people who are often exploited and underpaid. Please get involved and look at the Fairtrade website But don’t wait til then Valentines Day is coming SOON and must be an excuse for buying someone a bunch of Fairtrade roses from one of the only 2 Fairtrade florists in UK. Go for Letterbox Fairtrade roses or buy from Sainsbury’s or Aldi who have a few flowers with the Fairtrade mark. Fairtrade wine available Sainsbury’s, Waitrose , Morrisons and Coop, and chocolate from Good Taste in Broomhill currently online due to Covid. Divine chocolate Tony’s Chocolonely and Choc Affair some of these also in local supermarkets. Dilys Noble 

Student Christian Movement logoNEW SCM GROUP The young adults are excited to be starting a new Student Christian Movement group at St Mark’s. This group will meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 4pm over Zoom and is open to anyone who is interested in taking part. Contact for Zoom details. Young Adults’ Core Team 

CHRISTIAN CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER AND MEDITATION¬†‚Äď If you are seeking a safe space to meet in silence and be still with God, have you considered¬†JULIAN PRAYER? During lockdown we are an¬†e-mail based¬†group which offers a weekly e-mail with a short reading or reflection which you can use as you wish to aid a period of silent or contemplative prayer. Once lockdown ends and it is safe to gather again, we will meet in church on a Monday evening at 6.30 pm. If you would like to integrate this form of prayer into your lifestyle, please e-mail or phone Shan.¬†¬†Tel 07598 156817¬†

NEW ADDRESS Roy and Beryl Barry’s family have been in touch to say that they have both moved and are now in a care home together and would be delighted to hear from St Mark’s friends. Their new address is: Troutbeck Care Home, Crossbeck Road, Ilkley, LS29 9PJ.  Briony and Shan. 

FRIENDSHIP CLUB¬†Issue 12 of ‚ÄúLet‚Äôs Connect‚ÄĚ, the club newsletter, is full of interest, information and fun, and is edited by Carol Rowe. If you would like to receive a copy, please tell Sarah in the church office.¬†Rosalind¬†

MARK‚ÄôS MESSENGER¬†ONLINE¬†The Messenger has worked well for most people as a virtual paper in lockdown. While we are continuing to produce print copies for those who need them ‚Äď and for visitors and casual readers when lockdown is over – we have decided that in future most subscribers will continue to receive it by e-mail. If you are NOT on the subscriber list but would like to receive it, please email Sarah Rousseau at the office and she will add you to it.¬† We will continue to offer the Messenger free of charge – but do consider¬†making a donation¬†(again,¬†contact¬†the office) ‚Äď it‚Äôs an important part of our life as a community.¬†Frances Gray¬†

MARK‚ÄôS MESSENGER ‚Äď FEBRUARY EDITION¬†has now been sent out to all subscribers, if you didn‚Äôt receive your copy, or would like to be on the distribution list please contact the office.¬†¬†Sarah R¬†

ST MARKS WEBSITE¬†Can you help? It would be really great to have some help with putting content¬†(prewritten)¬†on the website ‚Äď I’d be happy to teach you how (via Zoom).¬†¬†Please contact me if you‚Äôre interested in knowing more.¬†Sarah R¬†

THE GREAT BRITISH TECH APPEAL Your old phone or tablet could change a life! Donate your old phones and tablets to The Great British Tech Appeal and we’ll gift them to young people, supported by Barnardo’s, with 6 months free unlimited data. Go to the website to ask for a postage paid return envelope. Michael Miller 

PHILIP’S EMAIL ADDRESS¬†I am no longer using the email address¬†¬†But if you want to get in contact with me, you can use my other account,¬†¬†Philip Booth.¬†

ST MARKS LIBRARY¬†‚Äď did you know that you can view the library catalogue online? And if you‚Äôd like to order a book to be sent to you (cost ¬£3)¬†please contact the office. Check out the¬†Library page of the website¬†for more information.¬†Sarah R¬†

QUIET¬†PRAYER¬†or ‚ÄúHOME COMMUNION‚Ä̬†IN ST MARK‚ÄôS¬†We are pleased that individuals (& households) are still able to attend pre-booked quiet¬†time¬†in St Mark‚Äôs. Please contact the office¬†and¬†suggest your availability.¬† An email will be sent outlining the necessary precautions. (¬†Sarah R¬†¬†¬†¬†

WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU ‚ÄstEach week during morning and evening prayer, the clergy and pastoral care team pray for each one of you. If you have a specific prayer request for the pastoral care team or for intercessions at services, please let us know by e-mailing¬†office@stmarkssheffield,¬†or by contacting one of the¬†clergy. Specific requests will remain on the intercessory prayer list for¬†4 weeks. If there is a need for the request to remain in the prayers for longer, please have a conversation with one of the clergy team. Thank you.¬†Shan¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

JOINED UP CONFERENCE 2021¬†– Saturday 6th March This annual conference for those involved in Children’s and youth ministry has gone online for 2021! If you are part of the CHYPS team or are interested in becoming more involved this is a great opportunity to gather with people from across the diocese and explore different aspects of faith and child development. For more information and to book your place go to:¬† Hannah Jones¬†¬†

BROOMHILL COMMUNITY LIBRARY NEWS We are delighted to have been chosen as one of the Co-op’s local causes in this round, which runs from now until 23rd October 2021. We shall be featured in Crookes, Broad Lane and Clarkson Street Co-op stores. However, you can shop at any Co-op and contribute to our cause. You can also encourage your friends and relatives anywhere in the country to nominate BCL as their cause too, by going to our dedicated page. We are currently open for order and collect Рand really looking forward to be allowed to offer browsing and computer use Рwe will do that as soon as we can, in line with government guidance. Kathy Harbord 

MARK‚ÄôS MESSENGER¬†Subscribers should now have had an email with the¬†February¬†edition – please let me know if you haven‚Äôt received this and are expecting to.¬† Did you know that there is a massive back catalogue of editions as far back as 2011 online too ‚Äď why not¬†have a browse.¬†¬†Sarah R¬†¬†¬†¬†

Photos from the last week from Briony, Michael Miller and Sarah Rousseau 

Foggy photograph of field covered in snow

Snowy field in Crosspool by Sarah Rousseau

Hamamellis in the snow by Briony Tayler

Muddy footpath in woodland

Porter Brook by Michael Miller





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