Notices for w/c Sunday 7 March 2021

Do read to the end, not all new notices are at the beginning!¬†ūüė䬆¬†¬†¬†

ELECTORAL ROLL¬†2021¬†If you would like to vote for¬†members¬†of our¬†PCC*, nominate them, or even stand¬†for PCC¬†yourself, you must be on the church‚Äôs Electoral Roll¬†(NB¬†you can be on the¬†roll¬†of more than one church).¬†¬†This¬†list¬†is updated each year in time for¬†our¬†APCM*¬†(April 25) and every 6 years¬†must be¬†started from scratch.¬†¬†We do not transfer your details between this list and our list of contacts¬†(Congregational List)¬†so please check¬†to see¬†whether you are¬†on it.¬† It is easy to get on the roll, just fill in this form¬†here (PDF)¬†to print and post,¬†or¬†here (Word)¬†to complete and email.¬†¬†The deadline for this year‚Äôs roll is¬†Thursday 8 April.¬†¬†Please return all forms to me via the church office¬† ([email protected]).¬†The notice which is pinned to the church door can be viewed¬†here.¬†¬†Thank you.¬†¬†Peter Ryder¬†

*PCC ‚ÄstParochial Church Council ‚Äď elected members of the congregation who make decisions on behalf of the church.¬†

*APCM¬†‚Äď Annual Parochial Church Meetings¬†‚Äď every year the whole church¬†has the opportunity to¬†meet, review our finances and¬†activities, elect churchwardens and members of the PCC.¬† This is¬†how we hold each other to account and¬†it‚Äôs¬†really important.¬†¬†

Poster for licensing notice - same text

MISSION AREA¬†LICENSING¬†SERVICE¬†‚ÄstYou are invited to a service for the licensing of¬†Revd¬†Sue Hammersley as Priest-in-Charge and¬†Revd¬†Matthew Rhodes as Assistant Priest of St Mary‚Äôs Walkley and the emerging¬†South Hallam Mission Area. The service will be over Zoom on Tuesday¬†16 March at 7pm. Please email¬†[email protected]¬†to confirm your attendance.¬†¬†

ST MARK‚ÄôS ON THE RADIO¬†A number of¬†members of St¬†Mark‚Äôs¬†have been on BBC Radio Sheffield recently¬†as part of LBGTQ+ History Month.¬† If you‚Äôd like to listen again you can ‚Äď Sue was on the Breakfast show with Toby Foster¬†on Monday 22 February (you can listen here, her interview¬†is at the end of the¬†programme¬†‚Äď 4hours in), Philip Booth was on the Sunday Breakfast show with Kat Cowan¬†(you can listen to the whole interview here),¬†and Kat Love¬†was¬†also on the show (you can listen here, Kat is at 2hrs 38mins).¬†¬†

ALSO SET YOUR ALARM for this Sunday (7 March); Sandra Newton will be on the Kat Cowan Show from about 6.30am (you’ll be able to listen again on BBC Sounds). Sarah R   

MARK‚ÄôS MESSENGER ‚Äď MARCH EDITION¬†has now been sent out to all subscribers, if you didn‚Äôt receive your copy, or would like to be on the distribution list please contact the office.¬†¬†Sarah R¬†

Woman holding a book stood next to a brightly painted postboxHAVE YOU SEEN THE SPECIAL POST BOX?¬†To celebrate World Book Day (4 March) the Post Office have decorated 5 post boxes around the UK, and we‚Äôve got one here in Broomhill!!¬†¬†It shows the work of Julian Donaldson and Lydia Monks, and includes a QR code to follow for more things to do.¬† It‚Äôs hard to miss¬†(it‚Äôs on¬†Clarkehouse¬†Road) and will be there for a month ‚Äď do go and have a look!¬†¬†Sarah R¬†

Notice to accompany Joint Deaneries Meeting - same text as noticeHALLAM & ECCLESFIELD JOINT DEANERIES MEETING¬†with Dr Christine Gore &¬†Revd¬†Canon Ian Parkinson.¬† Thursday 18 March at 7.30pm.¬† An opportunity to explore the changing expectations of clergy and laity, sharing different experiences and considering the dynamic between paid and unpaid roles.¬† Contact¬†[email protected]¬†for more details and how to join ‚Äď all welcome.¬†¬†Lu Skerratt.¬†



ONE PHOTO OF YOUR YEAR¬†As the APCM is coming soon (25 April), I‚Äôm starting to put together the Annual Report, and I‚Äôm looking for photographs of YOUR year.¬† The Annual Report is a public record of the year of St Mark‚Äôs, and we‚Äôd like to include photographs from YOU to help illustrate the remarkable year it‚Äôs been.¬† Please send ONE photograph you feel you‚Äôd like to share¬†(please ensure you have permission if anyone else is in the photo)¬†with ONE line of explanation, to me ([email protected]) by Monday 15 March.¬† I will try to include as many as possible.¬†Sarah R¬†

SCM GROUP¬†The young adults¬†are excited to be¬†running a¬†Student Christian Movement group¬†at St Mark‚Äôs.¬†This¬†group¬†meets¬†on the¬†3rd¬†Sunday of¬†each¬†month at 4pm over Zoom¬†and is open to anyone who is interested in taking part.¬†Contact¬†[email protected]¬†for Zoom details.¬†Young Adults‚Äô Core Team¬†

Carpet of crocus flowers in a park

photograph by Sarah Rousseau

STEP INTO SPRING¬†‚Äď John Hall is taking part in a charity effort which involves walking 10,000 steps a day during March, to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care. If you would like to support John, he is able to receive cheques, made payable to “Marie Curie”. (Online donations are not appropriate.) This is not quite sponsorship in the usual sense, but is an opportunity to encourage John in his support for an¬†organisation¬†which means a lot to him. Marie Curie nurses and hospices have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic, providing vital care and support, and a listening ear to people in need. You may post cheques to John at 10¬†Storthwood¬†court,¬†Storth¬†Lane, Sheffield S10 3HP.¬†¬†

PALM SUNDAY GOSPEL¬†Would you like to contribute to a recording¬†for¬†this year‚Äôs Palm Sunday¬†Gospel? Contact Cate for more info¬†[email protected]¬†¬†

SYMAAG¬†(South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group) are holding a series of Zoom talks for Change.¬† You can find out what they‚Äôve been doing for the last year, and sign up for the talks on their website –¬†¬†Sarah¬†R¬†

FOOD POVERTY¬†Sheffield City Council are consulting regarding Food Poverty; they are looking for comment and experiences to inform the work of the¬†Scutiny¬†Food Poverty¬†Working Group.¬† Please share this link with anyone you think might like to comment and give their views. –¬†¬†

CHRISTIAN CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER AND MEDITATION¬†‚Äď If you are seeking a safe space to meet in silence and be still with God, have you considered¬†JULIAN PRAYER? During lockdown we are an¬†e-mail based¬†group which offers a weekly e-mail with a short reading or reflection which you can use as you wish to aid a period of silent or contemplative prayer. Once lockdown ends and it is safe to gather again, we will meet in church on a Monday evening at 6.30 pm. If you would like to integrate this form of prayer into your lifestyle, please e-mail or phone Shan.¬†[email protected]¬†Tel 07598 156817¬†

FRIENDSHIP CLUB¬†Yet another ‚ÄúLet‚Äôs Connect‚ÄĚ, number 14, is now ready. If you would like to receive a copy, please ask Sarah in the office.¬†Rosalind¬†

MARK‚ÄôS MESSENGER¬†ONLINE¬†The Messenger has worked well for most people as a virtual paper in lockdown. While we are continuing to produce print copies for those who need them ‚Äď and for visitors and casual readers when lockdown is over – we have decided that in future most subscribers will continue to receive it by e-mail. If you are NOT on the subscriber list but would like to receive it, please email Sarah Rousseau at the office and she will add you to it.¬† We will continue to offer the Messenger free of charge – but do consider¬†making a donation¬†(again,¬†contact¬†the office) ‚Äď it‚Äôs an important part of our life as a community.¬†Frances Gray¬†

THE GREAT BRITISH TECH APPEAL Your old phone or tablet could change a life! Donate your old phones and tablets to The Great British Tech Appeal and we’ll gift them to young people, supported by Barnardo’s, with 6 months free unlimited data. Go to the website to ask for a postage paid return envelope. Michael Miller 

ST MARKS LIBRARY¬†‚Äď did you know that you can view the library catalogue online? And if¬†you‚Äôd¬†like to order a book to be sent to you (cost ¬£3)¬†please contact the office. Check out the¬†Library page of the website¬†for more information.¬†Sarah R¬†¬†

QUIET¬†PRAYER¬†or ‚ÄúHOME COMMUNION‚Ä̬†IN ST MARK‚ÄôS¬†We are pleased that individuals (& households) are still able to attend pre-booked quiet¬†time¬†in St Mark‚Äôs. Please contact the office¬†and¬†suggest your availability.¬† An email will be sent outlining the necessary precautions. ([email protected]).¬†Sarah R¬†¬†¬†¬†

WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU ‚ÄstEach week during morning and evening prayer, the clergy and pastoral care team pray for each one of you. If you have a specific prayer request for the pastoral care team or for intercessions at services, please let us know by e-mailing [email protected],¬†or by contacting one of the¬†clergy. Specific requests will remain on the intercessory prayer list for¬†4 weeks. If there is a need for the request to remain in the prayers for longer, please have a conversation with one of the clergy team. Thank you.¬†Shan¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

JOINED UP CONFERENCE 2021¬†– Saturday 6th March This annual conference for those involved in Children’s and youth ministry has gone online for 2021! If you are part of the CHYPS team or are interested in becoming more involved this is a great opportunity to gather with people from across the diocese and explore different aspects of faith and child development. For more information and to book your place go to:¬†¬†Hannah¬†

CHILDREN‚ÄôS AND FAMILIES‚Äô UPDATE¬†– During Lent the children and¬†families’¬†are exploring the theme of friendship by exploring different bible stories each week and sharing activities together using our Lent Resource Bags.¬†

We began by planting a seed of hope (many of which are already sprouting two weeks on!) and last week we created friendship bands to give to someone special. Each week we are adding a new strand of colour to our Mexican crosses and this is echoed with the large cross on the Green which is gradually evolving each week. Hannah

Photograph of a service booklet, a homemade childrens cross and a pot of soilLarge cross with ribbon on green in front of church

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