Notices for w/c Sunday 9 May

Do read to the end, not all new notices are at the beginning!¬†ūüė䬆


SARAH ROUSSEAU I am very sad to report that Sarah has resigned as Office Manager having served us so well in different roles for several years.  She said that she has enjoyed her work and will miss you all terribly but that it feels like the right decision.  It will take us a while to regroup so please hold us all in your prayers as we consider the best way forward.  The office emails will still be checked once a day.  Thank you. Sue 


SUNDAY SERVICES  We are starting to hold services both in the building and on Zoom: 

9 May: 10am on Zoom ‚Äď Themed Service for Christian Aid;¬†7pm¬†in the building (Baptism, followed by evening prayer)

16 May: 10am in the building; 7pm Taizé Service (on the Green?) 

23 May: 8am BCP in the building; Pentecost in the Mission Area (joint service at 10.30am); 4pm Intergenerational Service on the Green; 7pm on Zoom 

30 May: 8am on Zoom; 10am in the building; 7pm on Zoom 

More details in the Friday emails and on the website.  Sue 


BOOKINGS FOR SUNDAY SERVICES¬†‚Äď If you wish to be in the building¬†for a service,¬†you will need to book seats for yourself or your¬†household/bubble¬†by sending an e-mail to the church office¬†by Thursday¬†of that week. Please state how many people will be attending. You will receive confirmation of your place by Friday evening.¬† The office email is not checked over the weekend.¬†


CONFIRMATION SERVICE / ASCENSION DAY Bishop Pete will be visiting us on Thursday 13 May (Ascension Day) at 7.30pm for a baptism and confirmation service, here in the building, with Communion. Places will be limited so please email the office if you wish to attend. This service will also be shared via Zoom and will be our Ascension Day celebration. Cate 


Please pray for: Hadis Lak, Saied Dadaei, Behzad Nazrollahi, Saman Parvi, and the candidates from other churches in the Diocese as they prepare for confirmation.  


THY KINGDOM COME¬†13-23¬†May¬†–¬†¬†from¬†Ascension Day to Pentecost¬†there will be 11 inter-generational outdoor prayer stations spread out across our Mission Area. The prayer stations are part of the Thy Kingdom Come global initiative where the Church encourages us to explore mission and evangelism.¬†¬†Further details of what can be found where will be available on the St Mark’s website from Tuesday 11th May.¬†¬†Hannah¬†& Lu¬†


PENTECOST ‚Äď Sunday 23 May¬†at 10.30am¬†‚Äď a joint service across the Mission Partnership at St John‚Äôs¬†Ranmoor.¬†¬†Gather in person or via Zoom¬†(more details in the¬†Friday emails)¬†There will be no 10am Service at St Mark‚Äôs¬†that morning.¬†¬†Sue¬†


MARRIAGE REGISTERS  There are significant changes in the way marriages will be recorded from now on.  On Thursday I took our Register and Certificate stock to the Registry Office.  We will still read Banns and conduct weddings in church but only a declaration will be signed on the day, the registers will now be online, completed by the Registrars, and certificates will need collecting at a later date.  One advantage of the changes is that up to four parents may be included in the register rather than just the father.  We will archive one register in the safe.  Sue 


christian aid logo 

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK  10-16 MAY 2021 St Mark’s very own Christian Aid e-envelopes are now available: 


‚ÄĮPlease send this out¬†to friends and family,¬†and use it yourself if you can, to¬†help to build a church total as I doubt the “deliver only” envelopes are going to bring home the bacon in the same way as collecting!¬†¬†¬†

Lands End to John O'Groats Virtual Walk for Christian Aid

LANDS END TO JOHN O‚ÄôGROATS¬†TOGETHER‚Ķ A¬†virtual walk for Christian Aid week!¬†¬†From Monday May 10 until Sunday May 16,¬†we are aiming to walk the distance of Land‚Äôs End to John O‚ÄôGroats¬†as a congregation. All you need to do to participate is count the number of miles you walk each day during the week (on a phone app, a map or estimation) and email or text¬†Ceri¬†each day ( We will update the total miles walked, and how close we are to John O‚ÄôGroats, every day on our sponsorship page –¬†¬†¬†¬†Please share this fundraising page widely! Everyone is very welcome to participate, from a short walk to the shops, half a mile to school or a ten-mile countryside walk!¬†

Obviously, the distance between Land‚Äôs End¬†and¬†John O‚ÄôGroats depends on what route you take. It is 603 miles as a straight line but the traditional distance by road is 874 miles, which is what we will be aiming for. Please join us, otherwise¬†Ceri¬†and Dilys will have to walk 437 miles each!‚ÄĮ¬†¬†¬†

Busk Aid Sheffield 2021 is now live! From 10th May until May 31st there will be daily music videos posted on our new channel;, the most eclectic set of musical performances you will ever see! Subscribe today.  The Justgiving page for donations is here: 

Dilys, Ceri & International Donations Committee 


CTBB NEWS The Trustees of CTBB met recently and decided that the time has come to draw this wonderful partnership to a close.  We have not been able to attract new Trustees for some time and each church has faced its own challenges.  Please come to a Zoom AGM on June 9 at 1.30pm to celebrate everything it has achieved and thank Claire Brooks.  Sue 


BROOMHILL FESTIVAL Watch this space!  Outdoor events are being organized between Saturday 12 and Sunday 20 June.  St Mark’s Green has lots going on. (Frances?) 



LIBERAL¬†THEOLOGIAN¬†¬†The¬†advert will¬†be published in¬†the Church Times on Friday 14 May ‚Äď please keep the whole process in your thoughts and prayers.¬†

MATERNITY COVER  We are advertising for someone to cover Hannah’s work between August and February.  There are so many good things going on we hope that the right person will emerge.  (Sue) 


LLF ‚Ästdigital¬†study day ‚Äď 26 May 10-4¬†Some of you will be aware of the Church of England‚Äôs extensive pack of resources to help congregations¬†talk about sexuality.¬† This a day of preparation¬†is being run by the diocese¬†for anyone who is interested to learn more ‚Äď but it is¬†a¬†Wednesday¬†daytime.¬† If you are interested but can‚Äôt make this time, please drop an email to¬†the church office and we will pass this on.¬† There will be an opportunity for us to engage as a Mission Area.¬† Thank you.¬†¬†Sue¬†


GARAGE OR WORKSHOP TO¬†RENT?¬†¬†Dave Baillie is looking for a¬†space¬†in the near future to run his bicycle repairs. It would be fine if it is an unused garage that is part of someone’s house. Please contact Dave on 0114 266¬†5160 or¬†¬†


ST MARK‚ÄôS GREEN MOWING¬†–¬†Additional volunteers wanted please to join the mowing roster, starting in May.¬†We take it in turns to cut the grass with¬†the church¬†mowers, about 4 times a year. It’s great exercise that doesn’t involve a gym subscription fee(!). Please contact Martin on 07505 992922 or¬†¬†


MARK‚ÄôS MESSENGER¬†MAY EDITION IS¬†OUT!¬†If you are NOT on the subscriber list but would like to receive it, please email the¬†church¬†office.¬† We will continue to offer the Messenger free of charge – but do consider making a donation (again, contact the office) ‚Äď it‚Äôs an important part of our life as a community.¬†¬†¬†Frances Gray¬†


PHILIP BOOTH¬†–¬†BBC RADIO 4¬†LISTENING PROJECT ‚ÄďAs a result of my involvement with Radio Sheffield, I was asked to take part in a dialogue for the BBC Radio 4/British Library Listening Project, which pairs people up to have a discussion, which will then be kept as a sound archive at the BL. I was paired with a farmer from Northern Ireland and the general agenda was sexuality and religion – Keith, my opposite number had been brought up in the Salvation Army and like me has been involved in running a helpline, but specifically for farmers. The conversation lasted for 47 minutes, of which ten were broadcast on Radio 4 two and a half weeks ago.¬†If you are interested, here is the¬†link for the whole conversation:¬†  Philip 


DIVERSE THEOLOGY¬†from the University of Sheffield and Diocese of Sheffield on Thursday 20 May 2021 at 4pm. Speakers will be¬†Rev Prof Wil Gafney¬†(Brite¬†Divinity School) and¬†Chine McDonald¬†(author of¬†God Is Not¬†A¬†White Man: And Other Revelations). Together, they’ll be discussing race, gender and the Bible. These two women will help us all explore the ways that women‚ÄĒand especially women of¬†colour‚ÄĒhave been overlooked and undermined through biblical interpretation.¬†¬†Book here:‚ÄĮ¬†


FRIENDSHIP CLUB¬†‚ÄúLet‚Äôs Connect‚ÄĚ, number 15¬†Easter 2021¬†edited by Pauline¬†is now¬†available.¬†It‚Äôs full of images, brain teasers¬†and¬†articles¬†including¬†lunch club helper‚Äôs¬†thoughts about the last year of lockdown.¬†¬†If you would like to receive a copy, please¬†e-mail¬†the office.¬†¬†


CHRISTIAN CONTEMPLATIVE PRAYER AND MEDITATION¬†‚Äď If you are seeking a safe space to meet in silence and be still with God, have you considered¬†JULIAN PRAYER? During lockdown we are an¬†e-mail based¬†group which offers a weekly e-mail with a short reading or reflection which you can use as you wish to aid a period of silent or contemplative prayer. Once lockdown ends and it is safe to gather again, we will meet in church on a Monday evening at 6.30 pm. If you would like to integrate this form of prayer into your lifestyle, please e-mail or phone Shan.¬†¬†Tel 07598 156817¬†


QUIET PRAYER or ‚ÄúHOME COMMUNION‚ÄĚ IN ST MARK‚ÄôS¬†We are pleased that individuals (& households) are still able to attend pre-booked quiet time in St Mark‚Äôs. Please contact the office and suggest your availability.¬† An email will be sent outlining the necessary precautions. (¬†Sarah R¬†¬†¬†¬†


WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU¬†‚ÄstEach week during morning and evening prayer, the clergy and pastoral care team pray for each one of you. If you have a specific prayer request for the pastoral care team or for intercessions at services, please let us know by e-mailing¬†office@stmarkssheffield,¬†or by contacting one of the¬†clergy. Specific requests will remain on the intercessory prayer list for¬†4 weeks. If there is a need for the request to remain in the prayers for longer, please have a conversation with one of the clergy team. Thank you.¬†Shan¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


ST MARKS LIBRARY¬†‚Äď did you know that you can view the library catalogue online? And if you‚Äôd like to order a book to be sent to you (cost ¬£3) please contact the office. Check out the¬†Library page of the website¬†for more information.¬†Sarah R¬†


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