Pilgrim Postcards

Messages from thin and much loved places.

A couple of months ago one of my friends had shared a lovely video about creating a prayer space at home. I started thinking about sacred space within the ordinary – some of you have commented about how I’ve arranged my little study when presiding at our Zoom Eucharist: a small table carefully set up, a bunch of fresh flowers, pictures in the background, and my stole hung over the back of my chair.  

This discovery of sacred within the ordinary has been a joy, and led me to a book which has been on my shelf for a while: Every Place is Holy Ground: Making a pilgrimage through everyday places by Sally Welch. I began wondering if there was a way for us as a community to share in a pilgrimage of our own. When going on holiday or visiting our usual pilgrim places might not be possible, was there a way for us to still find space to ‘pilgrimage’ together? 

I shared this idea with members of the team, and it evolved into the idea that we could theme August around ‘Pilgrimage’, which we began exploring during the Themed service on 19th July. 

Part of our shared pilgrimage together is going to be the project Pilgrim Postcards: Messages from Thin and Much Loved Places.  We’d like to invite you to share images and stories of the places that are important to you. This could be somewhere that feels ‘thin’ and where you feel close to God, somewhere that holds a special place in your heart, or somewhere that you love to visit. It could be somewhere nearby and everyday (e.g. a local park, your garden, or even your favourite armchair), somewhere far away and exotic – or somewhere in between! 

If you’d like to share your pilgrim place, you can send it to office@stmarkssheffield.co.uk and we’ll make it into a postcard. We will need: 

  1. A picture of your pilgrim place which you have either taken or made 
  2. A short message (maximum of 100 words) which explains why this place is special to you 

These postcards will be shared on our website and in our building during August. We’d ideally like to have all contributions by Sunday 9th August. 

Pilgrimage, however, isn’t just about the place – if you’ve ever come across The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer you’ll know that part of pilgrimage is to pass time on the journey with others by telling stories to each other. It would be lovely if – during our pilgrimage together – we could share our stories: of life, of lockdown, of prayer, and of pilgrimage. 

I look forward to journeying together with you in pilgrimage this August. 

With love,  Cate 


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