Prayers for London

In unity with people across the world, we lament the injuries and loss of life of people of many different nationalities in the recent Westminster terrorist attack.

The vigil held on Thursday evening in Trafalgar Square demonstrates how people want to come together to express their sense of solidarity with all who have been affected, as well as their determination to overcome any fears caused by such activity. We are united with them in our common humanity and in our longing for peace.

In addition to services held on a Sunday at 8am, 10am and 8 pm , St Mark’s Church is open from 9-5 pm on weekdays if you wish to come to be still for a while, perhaps to light a candle or to join us in offering prayers for peace and reconciliation.


World Peace Prayer

Lead us from death to life,

from falsehood to truth;

lead us from despair to hope,

from fear to trust;

lead us from hate to love,

from war to peace.

Let peace fill our heart,

our world, our universe.


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