The EU Referendum

The referendum on whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union has taken place, and the voice of the people has been heard. A new chapter in the history of the U.K. has begun. The referendum campaign was waged by both sides with conviction and, at times, passionate intensity, as the seriousness of the issues under consideration merited no less. This has resulted in painful divisions that will take some time to be healed.

St Mark’s is an open, welcoming church for people from all walks of life and we seek to be a community in which reconciliation and healing can be encouraged and nurtured. Generosity and grace will be important as we try to help build a greater sense of unity in the wider communities of which we are a part.

Over the coming months, the St Mark’s Faith and Justice Group will do all it can to support the healing process as it widens its community involvement across a range of areas, such as issues relating to migration, asylum, homelessness and poverty avoidance.

Prayers are being offered for all those who are in need of assistance and support during this time of uncertainty and change. The church will be open from 9am-1pm from Tues – Friday this coming week (28th June- 1st July) if you wish to visit and perhaps rest or pray for a while.



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