The latest 10am Sunday Service sheet can be found on this page.

The words that we use in worship express something, however inadequately, of who we understand God to be. They are also an important way to grow in faith and understanding as individuals and as a community.

As a parish church in the Church of England we are inheritors of a rich tradition as seen in the words of many services e.g. Book of Common Prayer (BCP) Communion, and through the use of Common Worship texts.

These remain valuable resources, but many at St Mark’s experience them as limited in scope, exclusive or irrelevant. Therefore we also try to allow a greater diversity of imagery and language through using texts from other sources and traditions, both old and new – and are open to being stretched and challenged by this.

A historical list of our weekly 10am service sheets are available below.  To If you wish to reproduce these you are welcome, but please always credit St Mark’s and ensure that you have your own appropriate copyright permissions and licences in place. Thank you.