St. Mark’s Celebrates Diversity in our Rainbow Weekend

Christians at Pride

St Mark’s was proud to share a stall with representatives from several Christian groups at Sheffield Pride this weekend.  On Sunday morning we welcomed Jayne Ozanne, a leading gay evangelical who works to ensure full inclusion of all LGBTI Christians at every level of the Church, as our preacher.  We enjoyed a barbeque lunch and Pride-themed worship at our 8.00pm Night Service.  The LGCM display “Coming Out” will be on view in church all week – please come and see it if you can.  There’s still a long way to go but we’re proud to be on the journey towards a more whole body of Christ.  You may find the following words help your reflections:

A community …

capable of embracing all its members,

granting to each the dignity of belonging

and the respect born of making a worthwhile contribution,

one enriched by diversity

and unthreatened by change,

rooted in a common core

of values and aspirations

… for this we pray.


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