10am Service 30 August Info


This Sunday, the fifth and final Sunday in August, we had hoped to offer something rather different at 10am.  Being the Bank Holiday weekend and Greenbelt Festival (usually) I thought we could have a Service on the Green and something in the building, relayed via Zoom; something which would give us the opportunity to make music together – to use drums and strings even if we couldn’t use voices and wind instruments…

Then the guidelines changed and now the choir can sing in church but, put simply, it just isn’t that easy any more.  We decided not to have a congregation in church to give the choir more space, but relaying music from the church building to you at home, via Zoom, is remarkably difficult. Nothing is straightforward at the moment and behind the scenes even the simplest decision takes several people to action because we are having to think everything through from first principles.

No activity on the Green could be relayed via Zoom but we had already organised an outside event for families and further gatherings are being planned (more details soon).

So we’re still not entirely sure what will happen this Sunday, 30 August at 10am but please join us on Zoom for an experience of  “Wild at Home”.  It may not be the Greenbelt Festival and you certainly won’t have to be under canvas (although some of us might be!) but it will definitely be worship and we will be sharing it together.

See you there x



Photo by Manuel Hoster on Unsplash

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