‘Things We’d Rather Not think About …’ A fresh look at traditional Advent themes

THINGS WE’D RATHER NOT THINK ABOUT was the title of a series of Sunday 10 am sermons and 6 pm led reflective evenings which took a fresh look at the traditional Advent themes: death, judgement, dying, heaven & hell.

These are challenging topics which faith invites us to engage with openly, honestly and hopefully.

The resources produced for the evening reflections are available to download below in addition to the service sheet from the ‘Service of Thanksgiving for loved ones who have died’ held in October 2012. Each session consists of a booklet of Readings and Poems along with a set of Questions that were discussed by the small groups on the evenings. The last 2 sessions also have powerpoint presentations attached. The associated sermons are also available on the St Mark’s website: http://www.stmarkssheffield.co.uk/category/sermons/

Session 1 – Death

Booklet for session 1 – Death

Questions for session 1 – Death

Session 2 – Judgement

Booklet for session 2 – Judgement

Session 3 – Dying

Booklet for session 3 – Dying

Questions for session 3 – Dying

Powerpoint for session 3 – Dying

Session 4 – Heaven & Hell

Booklet for session 4 – Heaven & Hell

Questions for session 4 – Heaven & Hell

Powerpoint for session 4 – Heaven & Hell

A Service of Thanksgiving for loved ones who have died

Service of Thanksgiving and commemoration – service sheet

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