To read a post – move the cursor to hover over the title. When the arrow becomes a hand, click once – and it should open the post.

To follow a link – if words are underlined and change colour when you move the cursor onto them, click once and you will be taken to another page.

Tab headings – at the top of the picture are a series of titles. When you move the cursor over one it will change colour and a drop down menu appear. To view a page, move the cursor down the list and click on the title you want.

To view a pdf file or Sway – when it opens you will need to scroll down to view further pages – both are best viewed in full screen.

Using Zoom

Below is a video which might help with Joining a Zoom meeting.  We’ve also been given some single page sheet instructions for using Zoom which you might find useful

How to download and install Zoom on your computer

How to join a Zoom meeting

Inside a Zoom Room

Thank you to John Marshall from Heeley Development Trust for these instruction sheets.

Joining a Zoom Meeting – Here is a video on a simple guide to joining a zoom meeting.  You can also find more information and tutorials on the Zoom help page here.