Weekly News – 3rd September 2017

ANN LEWIN thanks her friends at St Mark’s for their prayers and support during her recent illness. Three months on from major surgery, she is making a steady recovery, building up her strength by walking a mile and a half each day alongside the local river where a kingfisher sometimes appears, able to drive again, and balancing activity with a daily siesta.  She wants you to know how wonderful it has been to be held by so many people through what has been quite a journey, which isn’t over yet. 

THEMED SERVICE The next themed service will be on Sunday 10th September. If you would like to be involved please let Sarah C know


BROOMHILL COMMUNITY LIBRARY celebrates 6o years! Six weeks of  events begin with the heritage open days 8-10 Sept. URGENT help is needed for a working party to help clean up, decorate basement rooms, paint garage doors, tidy up garden and prepare displays between 30 Aug – 6 Sept. Could you come along at some point? Do you know someone with expertise? Please let us know your availability and preferred choice of task. Contact Kathy Harbord at kathy.harbord@broomhill-library.org.uk 


WELCOME to Alison Wragg who is on placement here for the Autumn. Alison is training to be a Reader and is usually based at St John’s, Ranmoor. She will be getting involved with various aspects of church life during the coming months. Sarah C



THE BIG SHIFT.  The big banks are continuing to finance damaging coal, gas and oil projects to the tune of several billion pounds.  Christian Aid want us to contact them to persuade them to stop doing so. Some big projects have been checked by popular pressure on the banks.  See the climate notice board for details. Michael Bayley 

SOUP RUN would be grateful for any donations of tins of soup (chicken, oxtail or tomato), or of baked beans. If you’re ‘in the know’ they can go in the usual place; otherwise please feel free to talk to Gary or one of the other Soup Run team leaders. Thank you


NEW GROUP I am looking to facilitate the start of a small group from September – which could meet every two weeks – for a bit of chat, support, bible study and prayer, and of course friendship – please contact me if you think you might be interested  Kim mob 07967-829561  kimberlywillis@btinternet.com


NEW DISCUSSION GROUP Dave Baillie is setting up a group to discuss social issues and build relationships amongst group members. Members will decide the aims and format together. If you are interested contact Dave at davebaillie@phonecoop.coop or on 01142665160 or on Facebook



The first meeting of this new PCC subgroup will be on Thursday 21st September at 7.30pm in the Vicarage.

The group will have oversight of provision for study and learning for all ages at St Mark’s. If you are interested in coming along, please let Sarah C know.

SAFEGUARDING TRAINING (C1) sessions have been arranged at St Mark’s for Thurs 28th Sept from 10am-1pm and Tues 28th Nov 6.30- 9.30pm. If you are involved in any aspect of our work with children, young people or adults (whether vulnerable or at risk of being vulnerable) and have not attended training in the past year please book yourself onto one of these sessions by contacting Innes in the Church Office.  Sarah C 

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE has just been awarded £90,000 over 3 years  by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust for our work  with constituents to enable them to have  constructive  conversations with their MP about climate change and the need for determined  political action. If you would like to know more about Hope the Future, look at our website (www.hftf.org.uk), pick up a leaflet  from below the climate noticeboard to the right of the main door out of the church or talk to Jo Musker-Sherwood, Sarah Robinson or Michael Bayley. 


HERITAGE OPEN DAYS Once again, St Mark’s is opening its doors as part of the national Heritage Open Days scheme.  We are expecting to be open to the public on the afternoons of 7 and 9 September this year.  If you would like to spend a couple of hours being available to talk to visitors about our building on either of those days, please let me know. Philip Booth 255 0634/07950 47288



SUNDAY LUNCH next week, 10 September; bring and share. Please see the sign-up sheet at the back. For upcoming lunches, read this month’s Messenger. 

DIOCESAN DEVELOPMENT DAYSat 7th October, 09.30-16.00 at St Thomas Philadelphia. This event ‘Growing the Church Younger’ hosted by Bishop Pete Wilcox, will look at how to engage a mix of generations for a healthy church. Neither Sue nor Sarah can attend  but each church can book 5 places, so please contact the office if you would like to go.  For more information visit sheffield.anglican.org/devday17 Innes


BROOMHALL CENTRE Please see our flyer on how you can help this valuable community resource.


FRIENDSHIP CLUB meets in the church lounge on Wednesdays at 1.30 p.m. 6 Sept:  We prepare for our 25th anniversary celebrations. Details from Rosalind on 268 1426


FREE TO CAMPING FAMILY – Two Lumogaz lanterns with spare gas cylinders.Michael Miller


ROOM NEEDED FOR ASYLUM SEEKER The pregnant Thai wife of an asylum seeker we know at St Mark’s, who is being supported by St Andrew’s URC, and who helps at Broomhall Breakfast is in fairly urgent need of somewhere decent to stay. Her current accommodation isn’t hygienic enough for a newborn, and so getting somewhere else is really quite important. For more details contact Robert Beard – arjay61@hotmail.com.’



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