Weekly Notices – 19 April 2020

Yellow Roses

(virtual) flowers donated this week by Cicely Chibnall (photograph CC Flickr/Diann Bayes)

GOOD NEWS STORIES People might like to share good news stories, images, poetry and light-hearted items. We will be collating these together with the weekly notices into a post for our website. If you have items you’d like us to consider for inclusion please send them to the office. Sarah R


BABY NEWS Cath is now 24 weeks pregnant, with the baby due in early August. We are all very well. Rumours that the baby will be named Covid or Corona are unfounded. Cath and Jonathan Williamson


PCC 5 POINTS from the recent PCC meeting are available on our website. You can view them on the PCC pageSarah R


UPDATE ON THE S6 FOODBANK The Broomhall Centre is now hosting our local spur of the Foodbank. They are receiving donations of food on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11am at the Centre. If you prefer to send money, please Gift Aid if possible. Details are on their website, or follow this link: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/philadelphianetwork/s6foodbank Sarah R


WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST even when we can’t make physical contact and there are many ways of keeping in touch and helping each other. Want to be involved with a telephone tree? No one should feel isolated.  Let’s rise to the challenge! Please contact the church office. Clergy Team


TECH SUNDAY SUPPORT We’d be grateful if a couple of Zoom savy/confident people could join the online welcome team for the Sunday 10am services.  Please contact Mike Willis or Sarah Colver if you can help.  Sarah C


CONGRATULATIONS to Rhona Watts on the birth of her twin grandchildren, Angus and Felicity. The family are doing well, if a little short of sleep! Sue H


FRIENDSHIP CLUB Issue 2 of “Let’sConnect”, the Lunch and Friendship Club newsletter, is now out, edited by Jean Baxter. If you would like to receive this latest issue, please tell Sarah in the church office. Rosalind


GUESS WHAT?  We have just *loved* spending time with each other 24/7 that we’ve decided to do it for the rest of their lives! Lu and Kat are engaged! Lu Skerratt


BROOMHILL FESTIVAL 11-21 JUNE is now being planned as an ‘Almost the Broomhill Festival’ with resources to be available online, Actual events with minimal outlay are still being planned in the hope they can go ahead. The Festival Website will give more details soon. Sarah C


BROOMHILL FESTIVAL LUNCH When restrictions are lifted, there will be a big festival fundraiser lunch after the Festival service, focusing on the climate.  Fancy being involved eg, with food or additions? Current ideas include children’s activities, cake competition, plant stall. Home Donations Group


CHRISTIAN AID WEEK has not been cancelled 10th-16th May WE shall have to think creatively about how we can publicise the very great need and create monetary help for resource poor communities in the world during this Covid lockdown . Christian Aid website has ideas so watch this space for St Mark’s activity!! Dilys


THE HOME DONATIONS GROUP would love new members. It is a great group to be in – choosing which local charities St. Mark’s supports is very uplifting. Only 4 meetings a year. If interested contact via the office. Home Donations Group


MIDWEEK NIGHT SERVICE Anne Padget will be conducting a Night Service every Tuesday at 8.30pm.  This will be a simple service in the form of worship such as Sung Compline or Iona, and the service sheet will be visible during the service. The Zoom ID and password will be the same every week – these are available in the weekly email (or by contacting the office).  Anne Padget


A LONGER READ This week we have a note from Pauline Miller about their recent house move (see below), and I’ve also collected a selection of Easter images from the congregation. If you’d like to contribute something please contact me on the office email address. Sarah R


Please contact the church office if you have any notices for next week – office@stmarkssheffield.co.uk – 0114 266 3613. 

If you would like to speak to a member of the clergy please call

Revd Sue Hammersley on 07904 284853

or Revd Sarah Colver on 07975 689403


Easter dawn sky Dawn on Easter Morning by Liz Dewey

Garden table with nature items as sculpture


Table sculpture created by Gill MacGregor (in the background) – inspired by some shed eucalyptus bark in the garden.  In the foreground is Calvary with the empty tomb beyond.


Tea pot, prayers on a lawn, with a dog sat nearby


Mim’s Easter Dawn with Daisy the dog




Pink cherry blossom against a blue sky


Ceri Gallivan’s Easter morning walk




Dinner plate of foodEaster lunch with Jen, James, Olive and Mo Ryder






Gorgeous Simnel cake cooked by Russell Hand – Yum!Simnel cake on a board






A (Re)Moving Story

Woman sat looking at a computer during video conferencingMany will know that Michael and I left our address in Nether Edge just before Christmas and spent some weeks in a small flat lent to us by friends. The builders of our new apartment finally gave the go-ahead for us to move, and that happened on Friday 13 March – an auspicious date!  Looking back we didn’t realise how lucky we were, as within 10 days of our removal the whole country entered the lockdown, and everything stopped dead.

So, since then we have been learning to make two major adjustments to our lives – we have been adjusting to living in an apartment in a new area of Sheffield, and trying to fit all our possessions in to what is inevitably a smaller space than we had previously.  But like everyone we have also been adjusting to the new normal of not going out to see friends, to attend gatherings and meetings, including church, very limited shopping and social distancing when we do go.

In some ways the pause in our normal routines has done us a favour, as it has taken away any pressure to go out, and left us with plenty of time to get on with all the inevitable sorting out that a move brings in its wake.  I spent a happy afternoon on Sunday putting all our fiction back into alphabetical order on the shelves, as it had just been stacked up any which way when I first unpacked it.  But it has brought frustrations too, as we do need to track down various items such as towel rails and light bulbs.  There’s a lot we have managed to do online, but it isn’t always totally satisfactory, and one really needs to see and handle any major purchases before pressing the button.  Luckily we had had a couple of trips to John Lewis and IKEA, and had got lists of necessities that we have been able to action from here.

The glorious weather has helped us too, as for a regular daily exercise we have been walking mainly in the Porter Valley which is just below us, and very easily accessed.  Although we’ve lived in Sheffield for 40 years and have had many walks in the valley with family and friends, we hadn’t realised what a multiplicity of routes and variations there are – we’ve managed to find something new almost every time we’ve ventured out, and it would have taken us years of normal life to explore so intensively.

The main problem is the inability to meet up with family and friends, but like so many others we have quickly learnt to ‘Zoom’ which is turning out to be a real boon.  One of my U3A groups is now holding regular sessions on a Tuesday morning when we carry on with our Portuguese together.

And of course, we had the wonderful experience of joining in with others for the Easter Sunday service from St Marks. We are frustrated that we had to cancel our planned housewarming event, and cannot invite anyone to visit us in our new abode, but no doubt all these things will happen in due course, and be all the better for us having had to wait.  So, we have much to be thankful for, and much to look forward to.

Pauline Miller

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