Weekly Update – 19th February 2012

ELECTRONIC VERSION of Sunday’s liturgy can be emailed to you in advance. Please contact Anne in the office.

BAPTISM & CONFIRMATION If you are interested in finding out more about either of these, please pick up an invitation from the back and come along TODAY at 11.30 am or 7.30 pm, the Chapel.

SHAN will be ordained Priest by Bishop Steven in St Mark’s on Sunday 20 May at 5.00 pm. This represents an important development in Shan’s ministry so please make every effort to be there. Thank you.

JELLY, our Student Worker, has been recommended to train for ordained ministry within the Church of England. She will commence this Autumn.

SAD NEWS Miriam Dunbavand, Simon’s mother, underwent serious surgery in January. Although this proved successful, her road to recovery will be long and Simon believes this is a journey she should make with him by her side. To this end, and with a heavy heart, he has tendered his resignation in a correspondence that concluded with the following words: ‘Whilst this has been by far my shortest ever professional engagement, it has been without doubt my most fulfilling, enjoyable, uplifting and spiritually rewarding.’

SHELVING Plans are being drawn up to remake the bookshelves on the chapel side of the Narthex so that they can be used as an extension to the library. If this raises questions or concerns, please have a word with the Vicar or Churchwardens.

LENT LUNCHES will be served every Thursday at 12.30 pm throughout Lent, beginning on 23 February. They will follow the Holy Communion and Discussion group and, in turn, be followed by a Lent group at 1.30pm. Please see the flyers at the back and, if you can help, please sign up on the sheet. All welcome.

LENT COURSE this year is entitled ‘Practising Hopefulness’. This will follow on from last year’s successful course ‘The Practice of Paradise’. However, attendance last year is not a pre-requisite! Groups will start in the week beginning 27 February for 5 weeks. Flyers available. Please see the lists at the back of church and sign-up if you are interested.

ROSIE HUNT’S ADDRESS The sharp eyed of you may have noticed that Rosie Hunt’s address is wrong on the Lent Flyers. They should read 58 Bole Hill LANE. Apologies for this. Future flyers will be correct.

UPPER CHAPEL On Thursday 8 March at 7.30 pm, David Price is talking about Sheffield Troublemakers: The Upper Chapel Connection All welcome. No charge.

JANET MORLEY has a new Lent book out called ‘The Heart’s Time’ and copies will be on sale after the Sunday morning service today.

DISCUSSION GROUP that takes place after a quiet communion on Thursday mornings will, for the next few weeks, concentrate on Janet Morley’s new book. Flyers available. Please note, this group is in addition to the ‘Practising Hopefulness’ Lent groups. All are welcome.

PASSION SUNDAY The choir will be singing Faure’s Requiem this year as part of the Passion Sunday Evening service, as well as some other pieces. If you wish to be part of the choir for this please come along on a Thursday at 7.00pm. All welcome.




WHITE ENVELOPE SCHEME Will those people who kindly donate by (weekly) white envelopes please collect their new box of envelopes which will be at the back of the church. The boxes are labelled, so if there isn’t a box for you and you would like one, please contact Judith Pitchforth. (Tel: 230 7685 or e: [email protected]) Thanks.

FEBRUARY MESSENGER is now available and waiting in your pigeonholes if you subscribe, or on the card stall at 60p! Many thanks for all the contributions that have already come in for the March edition.

SEWING The Broomhall Welcome Place is making aprons and we’re looking for suitable cotton fabric. If you enjoy sewing, please come to the Broomhall Centre on Weds 3.00-5.00 pm (bring your own work along) as there are always people wanting a little guidance. Thanks! Sue.

LACE DOILIES? Linsey, from Broomhall Forum, is looking for lace/cotton doilies to buy (or she’ll donate to church funds). These are to create artistic wall hangings and table runners. See Sue for details.

PLEDGES 2012 – UPDATE from the Treasurer. 90 responses have now been received promising additional giving of £6,646 (including recovered tax) towards the required target of £9,500 for 2012. This is very encouraging and grateful thanks to all who have responded so far.  However, further pledges are still needed if we are to maintain the work and service of this Church. Consequently, please think prayerfully and carefully about your response and return your pledge form as soon as possible. If needed, spare forms can be found at the back of the church. Thanks, David Ryder, Treasurer

TO PV PANEL DONORS – These letters have all now gone out. Please could everyone who has received one give their response ASAP. Many thanks.

ST MARK’S WEEKEND 21-23 September 2012. Further details and application forms are now available! Please take them away with you and see the display at the back of church. This is definitely an event for ALL the church community – please book early!

AUCTION OF PROMISES To ensure that everyone who wishes to go on the Parish Weekend can do so, we are holding a special fund-raising event after the PANCAKE PARTY THIS TUESDAY  Please take a flyer away. Tickets for the evening are now available at only £2 from clergy / staff & the churchwardens after church, or from the office or on the door.

STEWARDSHIP RESPONSE There are lots of ways in which we can become more involved at St Mark’s, whether we have only recently started coming or have been a part of the church community for some time. Please complete a yellow Stewardship Response and place it in the box at the back church. Thank you!

CRC SPRING CONFERENCE This will be with Tariq Ramadan, Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University, and is entitled Relating to the Other: A New Vision for Religious Pluralism. As always, it promises to be a stimulating and enjoyable day. Please note, the date has now been changed to Saturday 19 May. Details at the back of church.

CHURCH & COMMUNITY IN BROOMHILL & BROOMHALL On Saturday 10 March, members of St Mark’s, St Andrew’s and the Beacon at Broomhill are joining with local community representatives for an event at St Mark’s Church to explore the role which our churches play in the local community and how it might develop in the future. This will run from 9.45 am to 2.30 pm. If you would like to know more or to participate, please contact David Price (296 0806 or [email protected]) by 3 March.


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