Weekly Update ~ 26th July 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT!! We are delighted to announce the appointment of Rev’d Sue Hammersley as the next incumbent of St Mark’s. Sue has been the Associate Vicar here for nearly five years and will be instituted and inducted as incumbent on Thursday 3 September  We are really excited about Sue’s vision for our church and the skills and expertise she will bring to the role.

SUE’S INSTITUTION AND INDUCTIONThere will be celebratory food and drink after the service on 3rd September, from around 9.00pm.  If you’d like to help, please add your name to the sign-up sheet at the back.  Thank you, Briony.

CONTACT IN AUGUST Sue will be off for the month of August.  If you need to get in touch with someone please contact Sarah Moore: 07849 858867 or


PARISH WEEKEND – A FEW PLACES LEFT 18-20 SEPTEMBER 2015!  If you want to come but haven’t booked yet PLEASE let Anne in the office know asap.  Our official DEADLINE for bookings is today, in order to allow us to finalise the plans and organise the workshops for what will be a fun and fulfilling weekend! Please see the flyers and booking forms at the back of church. Contact Anne in office, 266 3613.

CONGRATULATIONS on the safe arrival of Chloe Elizabeth Jenkins to Sarah & Matt on Tuesday 21st July.  We wish them all health and happiness.

PRAY FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE on Saturday 1st August 1 to 2 pm in the Lady Chapel. Join us to lay the vital issue of climate justice before God to seek inspiration and strength. There will be said  prayers, probably including an inspiring video, from 1.25 to 1.40 pm with the rest of the time in silence. Material to guide our prayers will be available.

AUGUST CRECHE  Although there will be crèche provision most weeks it is just possible that on some Sundays in August all we can offer is a space in the lounge with toys.  We are currently looking for volunteers to join the crèche rota, please let Juliet Storey know if you are interested julietstorey@hotmail.com

CONFIRMATION?  We have an adult candidate for Confirmation on November 29 and will be running another series of discussions around the questions of faith that are most important to us.  If you’d like to be part of this, it’s open to everyone regardless of age or stage of faith.  6 Monday evenings from Sep 28 (avoiding half term).  Please book in with Anne in the office. Thanks! Sue.

PICNIC TEAS ON ST MARK’S GREEN from 6:30pm on Sundays during August (not Bank Holiday weekend). Please bring everything you would need for your picnic plus a bit extra.  All welcome, no need to stay for Night Service which will also be on the Green from 8pm. (Indoors if wet.)

SOUP RUN continues over the summer, so donations of soup and/or beans with sausages are still gratefully received. Also, (men’s) clothes – especially coats, gloves and socks – are still in demand, as is any bedding.  Gary is happy to give more details and also says ‘Thank you’.

MIDWEEK SERVICES IN AUGUSTThere will be NO mid-week Communion services during August.  There will be Morning Prayer at 8.00am, Wednesdays.

S6 FOODBANK Thanks to your generosity food is taken to S6 Food Bank each week. Unfortunately there are some weeks when I am not available to make the delivery. If you are able to step in on such occasions please let me know. Thank you, Jennifer Hurrell, tel: 07442174338.

GENERAL SYNOD A new 5 year term of office starts later this year.  Our Diocese has 3 Lay Representatives.  In the vote for Women Bishops, 2 of our 3 reps voted against this legislation.  In the next 5 years the issue of human sexuality is likely to be discussed.  The General Synod is the Church of England’s parliament and it is vital that the moderate, majority view is well represented (the extreme edges are much better at getting motivated not only to stand but also to vote for their candidates).  Can you think of someone who would be good for this role?  If so, speak to Anne Padget, 07736 527777.

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK COLLECTIONS in St. Mark’s parish this year amounted to £1587.77, which, after Gift Aid, makes the collection worth £1811.52 to Christian Aid. A huge thank you to all our collectors and helpers-and donors! If you were a collector and haven’t yet received your thank you card please pick it up from your pigeon hole. Heartfelt apologies to anyone I may have missed. Helen H

LOOKING FOR ELECTRICAL GOODS We are still looking for a fridge freezer, washing machine and TV for someone setting up a new home. Any offers to Anne in the office.  Thank you.

INCREDIBLE EDIBLE TODMORDEN A visit on Sunday, 30 August. We have booked a guided tour of the  community at Todmorden who are an inspiration  to those who want to make our  towns a joy to  live in. See the leading article in this month’s Broomhill Messenger. The tours cost £6 per person for those who can afford it. This money goes  to support a variety of imaginative projects  in the town. We have booked a tour for 2.00pm so it would make sense to leave after church at about 11.45am and have a picnic lunch there. We can share cars to get there. Please contact Michael Bayley (258 5248) as soon as possible if you are interested.

CROSSROADS Northern Bishops’ Mission 10-13 Sep 2015.  Sheffield Diocese will be hosting a delegation of Bishops from the North of England.  Hallam Deanery is organising a range of activities and here at St Mark’s we shall be organising an event on Friday Sep 11 at 7.30pm with Rt. Revd Libby Lane, the first female bishop in England.  More information to follow.

NEW BOOK JULY Not in God’s Name: Confronting Religious Violence  Jonathan Sacks

In this powerful and timely book, Jonathan Sacks explores the roots of violence and its relationship to religion, focusing on the historic tensions between the three Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is a rebuke to all those who kill in the name of the God of life, wage war in the name of the God of peace, hate in the name of the God of love, and practice cruelty in the name of the God of compassion.

ROTA FOR SERVERS We are looking for more people to be servers.  If you would like to know more about what it would mean to serve the church in this way, please speak to Anne in the office.

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