Weekly Update ~ 26th October


CHURCH WEEKEND AWAY Following the success of our weekend in 2012, we have booked the Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, for 18-20 September 2015.  This is definitely one not to miss.  For all ages and outlooks!

IAN & LIZ are so grateful for all the generosity, kindness and care extended to them on their last Sunday.  It was a joyously overwhelming occasion and more than a little humbling.  Thank you to all who contributed in whatever way to creating one of the most moving and memorable days of our lives.  It is, indeed, true that you can have little notion of how you’ve ‘gone down’ until it’s time to say farewell!  We are no less appreciative of the many cards and presents from members of the congregation.  St Mark’s will remain in our hearts.  Go well! I & L. (see Liz and Ian’s letter at the back of church)

OCTOBER is ‘Getting to know one another’ month when we are invited to meet new members, relearn the names of existing ones we’ve forgotten and introduce ourselves to those we’ve never found opportunity to talk to before.  To help with all this, please wear a Name Badge (labels and pens in the pews and at the back) and try our October Challenge to find (i) someone at St Mark’s who was born in the same month as you and (ii) someone whose photo is not in the church album and, with their permission, to take a shot and email it to Shan.

THE RELUCTANT PATIENT is the title of Ian’s latest book.  If you would like to purchase a copy at a special discounted price of £6.50, please add your name to the list at the back of church where you will also find review copies for perusal.

MARGARET SLATER writes: My heartfelt thanks for the love and sympathy the many friends at St Mark’s have extended to me and my family during this time of Ernest’s recent passing. His funeral will be on 13 November at 2.30pm.

GARDENING MORNING THIS SATURDAY Please join us between 9.00 and 12.00 to tidy the church grounds and undertake some weeding and clearing. If possible, please also bring gardening tools. Mike Hunt

MUSICIANS: ST MARK’S NEEDS YOU! Do you sing in the shower? How about singing in St Mark’s Choir instead? We rehearse weekly on Thursdays, 6.30-8pm to prepare for our contributions to Sunday morning worship. Do you play an instrument? How would you like to lead the music at a Sunday morning Service or a Night Service? St Mark’s is looking to hear more and more from our talented congregation, and to get all of our musicians involved! For more information please email the Director of Music (mua08mwm@sheffield.ac.uk).

DID YOU KNOW that our weekly newssheets are currently posted on St Mark’s Website where details can be picked up by internet search engines?  Contributors, please only include details you are happy to be picked up by a Google search.  For further information, please contact a member of the clergy.

WELCOME TEAMS Fancy getting involved on a Sunday morning and having the opportunity to meet new (and not so new!) members of St Mark’s? We’re looking for people to join our Welcome Teams for the next rota starting in November, and it’s a great way of getting to know others in our congregation. If you’re interested, please contact Sarah M sarahmoorechurchwarden@gmail.com.

HISTORY OF ST MARK’S Copies are on the Card Stall in the entrance lobby for a bargain price of £5 and will make ideal Christmas or birthday presents.

HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Do look at the article by Bishop Stephen in the Church Times on the Hope for the Future notice board under the PV screen giving details of what our panels have generated.

POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER ELECTION ON 30 OCTOBER:  Local faith community leaders have issued a joint statement, expressing concern at the activity of groups or parties which try to exploit people’s fears and use the economic crisis to stir up division, and denigrate Muslims or other minority groups. They ‘urge as many people as possible to turn out and vote, and give a clear signal that messages of division are not welcome here’.

BROADWAY BABY Come and see Chorus UK and their next spectacular concert at the City Hall on Saturday 29 November. Carol Rowe, Jane Padget and Anne Padget are all singing. Please speak to any of them for more details. It promises to be fabulous, darling!!

WWI MEMORABILIA Do you have any photographs, letters or other items relating to WWI that you would be willing to lend for an exhibition at St. Mark’s? If so, please contact Mike Hunt (285 1473) or Anne Padget in the office.

COMMEMORATION This year’s service when we remember and give thanks for our loved ones who have died will take place this Sunday at 6.00 pm. If there is someone you would like to be included, please add their name to the list at the back.

CRC AUTUMN CONFERENCE Rowan Williams will lead a day on the theme, ‘Faith in search of understanding today,’ on Saturday 8 November.  See CRC stall for more info. At time of going to press, only 20 places left!

DIOCESAN CENTENARY EUCHARIST at Sheffield Cathedral on Sunday 23 November at 4.00pm with the Archbishop of York.  Tickets on a first-come first-served basis.  Please see https://www.eventbrite.com/e/diocesan-centenary-celebration-with-the-archbishop-of-york-tickets-11915127467

ROOM NEEDEDXiao-mou Zhang is a Chinese student currently doing an MA at the University of Sheffield and is looking to rent a room in a Christian household. His English name is Kyle. If you, or someone you know, can help please either contact him directly  07596 701 1042/ zhangxiaomou@hotmail.com or let Mark Newitt know.

LIFT NEEDED ON BOXING DAY Wu-Long has a friend visiting for Christmas but is having trouble organising transport from Manchester Airport to Sheffield on Boxing Day.  The flight arrives at 11.30am.  If you can help please contact Anne in the Office.

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