Weekly Update – 28th October 2012

PARISH WEEKEND A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this wonderful occasion.  Delegates are encouraged to complete a Feedback Form (copies available at the back). NEXT TIME Back by popular demand, the date for the next Parish Weekend is 18 – 20 September 2015.  Pop it in your diaries now to be well prepared! 

LIVING THINKING FAITH is a six-week course running on Mondays at 7.30 pm in the lounge that began last Monday.  It is for anyone who is interested in discovering more about the Christian Way.  Flyers and sign-up sheet available at the back. All welcome!

CONSULTATION – DATE CHANGE Ruth Shelton, former Social Responsibility Officer of Southwell Diocese and current Director of Emmanuel House Centre for the Homeless will join us now on Saturday 2 February 2013, 10.00 am – 1.00 pm, to help us think through our engagement with issues relating to social justice.  All welcome.

THINGS WE’D RATHER NOT THINK ABOUT is the title of a series of Sunday 10.00 am sermons and 6.00 pm led reflections in which we will take a fresh look at traditional Advent themes: 4/11 – Death; 11/11 – Judgement; 18/11 – Dying; 25/11 – Heaven & Hell.  These are challenging topics which faith invites us to engage with openly, honestly and hopefully.  All welcome.

HATS FOR SOUP RUN Dark coloured beanies would be great.  I have a beanie knitting pattern. Many thanks, Sue Parker.

FAITH WALK around Broomhall Sunday Nov 18th, to celebrate Interfaith Week.  Meet at Sheffield University Students Union at 2pm, walk and talk and share afternoon tea at St Andrew’s at 3pm.  All welcome!

THE POWER OF RITUAL is the title of this autumn’s CRC conference THIS SATURDAY.  Professor Douglas Davies will help us to reflect on the significance of ritual – those practices giving shape and meaning to life – within human experience.  Baptisms, marriages, funerals – Christmas, Easter, Pentecost – brushing teeth, embracing friends, making tea – our lives are full of ritual.  Come and find out why and explore their enduring importance within progressive Christian faith.  Open to all: £12 (non-members); £10 (CRC/PCN members); £5 (students).CHOIR PRACTICE FOR ADVENT is in the lounge on Thursdays from 6.00 to 7.00 pm, (except for half term:1Nov). We are beginning to look at music for Advent, as well as practising for Sunday mornings. All welcome.

COMMEMORATION This year’s service when we remember and give thanks for our loved ones who have died will take place THIS EVENING at 6.00 pm. If there is someone you would like to be included, please add his or her name to the list at the back of church. Thank you.

EXPLORING SILENCE is a new Contemplative Prayer group that will be starting at St Mark’s.  There will be an introductory evening on Tuesday 13 November at 7.00 pm in the lounge.  This is an opportunity for a taster and to give input before monthly meetings in the new year.  All welcome.  For more information, please speak to Anne Padget or Margaret Stone. All welcome.

THURSDAY DISCUSSION GROUP is going to follow the Sermon Series on “Things we’d rather not think about” 11.15am All Welcome.

NURTURING COMMUNITY Come to the Showrooms on Thursday 8 Nov at 6pm. Sue and Angela will be there and we’ll go and see a film. Also 6 Dec and 10 Jan. We would love your company!  Call Angela on 229 5182 or [email protected] 

FOOD BANK More and more members of our communities are struggling to make ends meet.  One way in which we can support our neighbours is by supplying provisions for distribution via Food Banks.  From now on, there will be a box at the back of church for food items which will be taken to the S6 Food Bank on a regular basis.  A list of suitable items is by the box.  Thank you.

Broomhall EVENTS This coming Tuesday (30th) come and find out what the different groups in Broomhall are up to. Group of Groups is hosting an Open Meeting with stalls and food at ISRAAC, the old Vestry Hall between Waitrose car park and petrol station. Please speak to Helen Hillman.  ALSO,  if you know anyone who needs help with their English in order to find work, see the ESOL notice in the corridor or speak to Sue H.

PIANO LESSONS If you or anyone you know would like to learn the piano, children or adults, please speak to Anne Padget, who is starting to teach: 07736 527777 or [email protected].

HOT STUFF Soup Run has started again, so we are asking for tins of soup – tomato, oxtail or chicken. The response has always been great so thank you, but the need goes on. And donations of clothing plus bedding would be very gratefully received.  Gary.

NATIONAL PRAYER DAY FOR SCHOOLS: Wednesday 14 November. All schools welcome to meet @ Beacon in Broomhill at 1.30pm.  For further info contact Lorna Cudmore 230 8504. 

MAKING FRIENDS Would you like to make new friend(s) by offering hospitality  to a student? I’m looking for people who would like to volunteer to be link people/couples/families and help our new students settle in and feel at home in our congregation. Talk to me after the service or email me on [email protected].

CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCH For the last two years, we have had a special meal which has been greatly appreciated.  If you want to help this year please let Gary know or come to the meeting TODAY.

ATTENTION ALL LIONS! We are planning a weekend away in the spring for lots of fun and exciting adventures. The proposed date is 12-14 April 2013. More details to follow but save the date!

TAX JUSTICE Following the visit of the Tax Justice Bus and the Public Hearing at the Cathedral on 10 October, Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty’ urge us to fill in a card to the Prime Minister calling for tax justice to help developing countries and alleviate the cuts in the UK. Cards available today in the narthex. Please fill one in.

PV OUTPUT DISPLAY AND INFO showing instantaneous power, total energy generated and CO2 savings, is in the foyer.  Plus info about climate change and improving our carbon footprint.

SHEFFIELD CITY OPERA – FAUSTUS Fully staged and sung in English.  1-3 NOVEMBER 7.30 pm, 2.00pm matinee on 3rd at  Montgomery Theatre. £13 / £10 concessions and matinee price. Tickets call 269 4958 or www.sheffieldcityopera.co.uk

ACCOMMODATION Jiban, and his wife and daughters from Nepal, are looking for somewhere in Broomhill or nearby.  Please contact Dilys Noble on 07817 651178.

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