Weekly Update ~ 4th October 2015

REFUGEE CRISIS Following Sue’s sermon on  6 September, many members of the congregation saw a need for further discussion. An open meeting has been arranged in the Upper Room on Sunday 11 October, with literature on display from 5.30pm and a prompt 5.45pm start.  The meeting will open with short talks on the issues and volunteering opportunities. Then there will be discussion about various forms of engagement. All welcome.  David Price

PARISH WEEKEND Thank you to all who contributed to another wonderful weekend away.  Particular thanks to members of the Planning Group who stepped up during my absence.  Mark Newitt and Anne and Jane Padget carried a great deal of the responsibility for which I am truly grateful.  The weekend away was a great opportunity for members of the different congregations to get to know each other better.  This doesn’t have to end now that we’re back!  I hope that we will continue to explore ways of meeting together and getting to know each other across the potential divides.  May we continue to actively nurture Shalom.  Sue

WHO DO YOU SAY I AM?  During October we invite everyone to wear a name badge.  This isn’t just for the benefit of newcomers but also for those of us who can’t remember names terribly well.  Please participate!  You might also like to use the following as a bit of fun and to help us open up new conversations:

“Find someone whose birthday is in the same month as yours” (twins don’t count!)  Thanks! Sue


Work on the memorial garden We will soon be starting some careful maintenance work on the Memorial garden. Over the years it has become overgrown and some of the roses have become old and spindly. The hedge has suffered from Box blight and now has a number of gaps. So, using some money from a legacy, we will be doing two phases of work. In October we will be clearing weeds and taking out some of the very old roses and unhealthy Box hedge. We will then review what’s left and in spring think about new planting. If there are plants in the Memorial garden that are particularly important to you, or if you want to know more about the work, do come and talk to me.

Nicky Woods


WELCOME PLACE at the BROOMHALL CENTRE Come along on Wednesday afternoons for a cuppa, meeting up with people, sewing, chatting-or what you will! Please note the new time of 2-4pm.  See you there!Helen Hillman, Renate Smith, Bridget Grayson


ELECTRONIC VERSION of Sunday’s liturgy can be emailed to you in advance.  Please contact Anne in the office.


LIONS TRIP On Sunday 11 October the Lions group (ages 11+) will be going to Pizza Hut for lunch following the morning service. For more details please contact Alice Newitt [email protected]



My thanks go to Shan for holding the website together during the vacancy but this was only ever intended to be a temporary measure.  We are now looking for new volunteers – hopefully a small team – to maintain and develop the effectiveness of our website.  The website is often the first place people go to find out about a church so it is a vital part of our ministry and outreach.

We are also looking for someone to pick up Jen Ryder’s work on the St Mark’s Facebook page.  All enquiries via Anne in the office.  Sue


“RE-IMAGINING CHURCH: No Longer Male and Female” is the next CRC (St Mark’s Centre for Radical Christianity) conference on Saturday 24 October.  It is being put on in association with WATCH (Women and the Church).  Now that we have women bishops, some may consider the journey to be over.  It is, however, just beginning.  Three women, Kathy Galloway, Emma Percy and Jelly Morgans, invite us to engage in conversation. Together we will dream dreams and explore strategies for the radical transformation of the church at every level and across denominations so that it more adequately reflects and embodies a ‘genderful’ God.  Please see the booking forms on the CRC stall for more info and to book your place.  John Schofield


MEMORIES Gary Grief is very keen to talk to anyone with memories of Sheffield during WWII. If you’d be happy to chat, please contact him on 231 6031.

ONE SHEFFIELD MANY CULTURES “Challenging PREVENT and the demonisation of Muslims”  Friday 9 October, 7.00pm at The Garden Room, St Mary’s Conference Centre.  The government’s PREVENT strategy has been seen by many as making a significant contribution to the demonisation of Muslims.  We have also seen the rise of far right groups like the BNP and the EDL who seek to exploit the legitimisation of anti-Muslim attitudes to further their cause.  The seminar will be an opportunity to explore how best we can challenge the negative effects of PREVENT on the position and participation of Muslims in British society.  With Paul Blomfield MP, Abdool Gooljar, Zena Rashid and Jane Vincent.  See the poster in the foyer for more details.

Many thanks, Abdool


CHURCH ACTION ON POVERTY PILGRIMAGE THIS SATURDAY (10th) will visit  inspiring church projects in the South of the City. From 9.30 am to around 3 pm, starting and finishing at St James Norton. All welcome. Please contact Sarah Baker on 07949 682050 or [email protected]


FRIENDSHIP CLUB Wednesdays in the church lounge at 1.30pm. 7 October: “Discovering Portugal ” with Pauline Miller. All welcome. Modest charge. Details: Rosalind Rogerson on 268 1426


ASSIST  AGM  Tuesday 27 October, 6.30-9.30 pm. If you would like to attend, please contact: [email protected]

or tel. 0114 275 4960




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