Weekly Update – 6th November 2011

WELCOME whether you are new to St Mark’s or a regular. Thank you for being here and for being a vital part of this worship.

COMMENTS BOX for feedback on the services and other aspects of church life can be found at the back of church.
SIMON DUNBAVAND, our new Director of Music, is now in post. We offer him our support and good wishes as he settles in.
CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Linn after his spectacular organ concert two weeks ago. The large (and discerning) audience were treated to an autobiographic odyssey of musical delights spanning 300 years, raising £444 (including recoverable tax on Gift Aid donations) for the organ fund en route.
VOLUNTARIES Today’s voluntaries come from Dupré’s collection of meditations on Gregorian chants—Le Tombeau de Titelouze—and the final voluntary is a hymn for All Saints’ Day, celebrated this past week.
STEWARDSHIP ‘PLEDGE’ SUNDAY will take place this year on 20 November. In addition to providing an opportunity to review our financial giving to St Mark’s, this year we will also reflect on the stewardship of our time, talents and resources.
COMMEMORATION This year’s service when we remember and give thanks for our loved ones who have died will take place this evening at 6.00pm. If there is someone you would like to be included, please add his or her name to the list at the back of church.
LIVING THE DIFFERENCE is the title of a series of sermons on the Lord’s Prayer which we are currently having at the 10.00 am service.  For background reading, see Dom Crossan’s, The Greatest Prayer, in the library, and Ian’s notes available on the card stall.
LIVING THINKING FAITH is an introductory course on the Christian Way that is currently running on Mondays at 7.30. A relaxed and safe environment to learn together and ask the big questions. Free and open to all. Please sign up.
ST MARK’S WEEKEND 21-23 September 2012. Further details and application forms are now OUT! Please take them away with you and see the display at the back of church. This is definitely an event for ALL the church community – please book early!

PV PANELS UPDATE The date when higher Feed-in-Tariffs for PV installations has been brought forward to 12 December, so there is greater urgency for pledges to be collected. Homeco Energy, our preferred supplier is confident that, weather and permissions permitting,, the work can be completed by this date. David Ryder is away for some time so please address all pledge queries to our Assistant Treasurer, Judith Pitchforth (tel: 0114 2307685). Thank you.
THANK YOU to John Bramley, supported by Martin Godley and Gary Grief, for all their hard work on St Mark’s Crescent. It has significantly improved both pedestrian and vehicular access.
PCC NEWS At its meeting on 19 October 2011, the PCC approved the quote for fitting the PV panels supplied by Homeco Energy and placed an order conditional upon receiving planning permission and faculty approval. Council also approved the budget for 2012 prepared by the Treasurer, David Ryder. This will be presented to the congregation on Pledge Sunday. At an ‘Away Day’ on 22 October 2011, the PCC discussed ‘Growing the Body of Christ: The Diocesan Strategy for Growth’ before clarifying the future direction and priorities for St Mark’s in the coming months. These will be shared with the congregation through the website and other sources of information.
SHEFFIELD ASHRAM WEEK 4 – 11 November. Please see the programme in the foyer for details of this.
ELECTRONIC VERSION of Sunday’s liturgy can be emailed to you in advance. Please contact Anne in the office.

NOVEMBER MESSENGER is now available and waiting in your pigeonholes if you subscribe, or on the card stall at 60p!
MARK’S MESSENGER Articles and pictures are invited for the December issue. The deadline for copy is 16 November. If you have something to propose, please consult David Price ([email protected]) who is editing this issue.
BROOMHALL NEWS The November edition is now out and available in the foyer.
INTERFAITH WEEK 20-26 NOV is being launched here with a shared meal from different cultures on Sunday 20th.  On Tues 22nd there will be storytelling here in the afternoon and a chance to share “Sacred Icons” from different faith traditions.  We’re looking for Christian contributions.  If you have a sacred object you could talk about, please let Sue know.  The week will end here on Friday with a meditation workshop from Buddhist and Christian traditions and at Burngreave Ashram on Sat 26th with a day’s retreat.  Leaflets in the foyer.
MORE INTERFAITH EVENTS Please see the posters in the foyer for Interfaith events that are taking place at the beginning of this month.
CLIMATE, SUSTAINABILITY AND THE FUTURE Finding a way to sustainable consumption. Two evenings of discussion with introductory talks by Michael Bayley in the Upstairs Room on Wednesdays 23 & 30 November at 7.30pm. Tea and biscuits from 7pm. Leaflet available at back of church
VULNERABLE ADULTS If you have any concerns about adults associated with St Mark’s who you think may be in need of extra support, or if you would appreciate extra support, please feel free to talk to a member of the Clergy, or to Jane Padget, Vulnerable Adults Officer.
THE WELCOME PLACE meets in the Broomhall Centre on Wednesdays, 3.00 -5.00pm. A special warm welcome to new residents of Broomhall. Drop in and meet your neighbours! Please call in if you can.

DEANERY ‘COME & GO’ This will take place at St. Columba’s, Crosspool on Thursday 17th November at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start. The title is “Why is the Good News good news?” and offers an opportunity to talk and hear about how our faith affects and influences our lives in different ways. See Anne Padget if you are interested or just come along! All are very welcome.
CHILDREN’S SOCIETY BOXES – annual box opening time! If you have a box please bring it to church during November. Susan Whitmill.
WELCOME TEAMS Our welcome, to new and not-so-new alike, is an incredibly important part of what we do at St Mark’, as well as being enormously satisfying. It would be excellent to add to the teams who take on this important role each week. There is a lot more than ‘just’ greeting people and giving out hymn-books(!), and neither is it necessary to already know a large number of the congregation already. If you would like to know more about how it all works, please harass Gary, or a member of a Welcome Team. (Talking to someone won’t commit you to anything, we promise!)
CHRISTMAS LUNCH Following on from last year’s successful festive celebrations, Christmas lunch will once again be served on around 1.00 pm. Tickets are available (£3.00 per person) from Anne in the office.  Also, if you are able to help in some way or donate food or funds, please contact Gary or Jelly.
SOUP RUN is entering the cold months, when men’s gloves, socks and coats are particularly in demand. any donations gratefully received. Thank you.

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