Welcome to the St Mark’s Green!

We are very lucky at St Mark’s to have an area of green space located at St Mark’s Crescent (just by the church!) This has always been a place of gathering and prayer, but during lockdown especially we have been developing how we can creatively use this space for prayer and worship.

On this page, you can discover some of the ways which you can use this space for prayer.


Palm Sunday Prayer Stations

This creative prayer trail is a combination of online resources and installations on the St Mark’s Green, which can either be enjoyed in situ, online, or combined together for the full immersive experience!

Throughout Holy Week there will be nine stations to enjoy. Each station includes a reading and an invitation to creative prayer.

Here is a pdf of the readings and creative prayers available. And below are the stations, listed with their corresponding audio tracks…

01 Palm Sunday

Audio reading

Musical accompaniment: Ho ho hosanna by Anonymous
02  Mary anointing Jesus
Audio reading

Musical accompaniment:  Brother, sister let me serve you. Words & music by Richard Gillard

03  Jesus washes the disciples’ feet

Audio reading

04  The Passover meal

Audio reading –

Musical accompaniment: ‘Eat this bread by Jacques Berthier.

05  Jesus goes into the garden to pray

Audio recording:

Musical accompaniment: ‘Nada te turbe’ from Taize,

06  Jesus on the cross

Audio recording:

Musical accompaniment: ‘Jesus, remember me.’ from Taize,

07  The rooster crows

Audio recording:

Audio link: Rooster crows three times.

08  Jesus’ body is carried to the tomb

Audio recording:

Musical accompaniment: ‘Bless the Lord’ from Taize,

09  Looking towards Easter Sunday

Audio recording:

Musical accompaniment: Behold, behold. Words & Music by John Bell

All audio tracks have been created and performed by members of St Mark’s community except where external links have been provided.

Mexican Cross

During Lent, the children and families have been making Mexican Crosses at home, by adding a strand of yarn each Sunday. This has been echoed with the larger cross on the Green as a visible symbol of journeying through Lent together.



Easter Tomb

a tomb woven from greenery

Our Easter Tomb this year has been constructed by Kay. About it, she says:

the greenery helps it blend into the scenery – being made of materials from the church and vicarage grounds, it is where it belongs and therefore blends

Spring Labyrinth

crocuses growing to form a labyrinth path crocuses growing to form a labyrinth path

Every spring, as the crocuses and daffodils start to wake up after winter, a labyrinth appears on the Green! The path may not be a clear as it used to be, but anyone who visits is welcome to spend time navigating is paths in prayer.

You could also follow a finger labyrinth here (PDF).